Third Party PanamaServer Review

PanamaServer Overview

PanamaServer is a webhosting company that deals offshore hosting for their clients since 2004. One should know that this company has already been in the business for 10 years already and that it has clearly indicated that they have been in a steady business for a long time now.

Their services cover a lot of offshore hosting services. This hosting provider is basically built in Panama and that is has its own data center that only ensures the latest and the updated technology is being installed and used here.

PanamaServer has also been considered to be the most reliable web host solution that most webmasters would prefer.

Indeed, it has been keen in providing top quality service solution for web hosting and not only that, it also provides a very affordable rate that make the rendering of web hosting service a great privilege for any business as it would instantly boost sales in the online realm.

Basically, the services of PanamaServer are more into offshore managed dedicated server. It also covers shared hosting and VPS offshore hosting in USA. Furthermore, it is also keen in providing great hosting services that also ensures fast and reliable setup.

This is also considered one of the most reliable web hosting company that also provides domain registration, premium hosting support and more importantly offshore hosting accounts that would provide a dedicated IP.

You can also be rest assured of their data center as it is fully equipped with the best features of full redundancy.

PanamaServer Support

There is a versatility of service and support features that PanamaServer provides for its clients and target market. You don’t have to worry about strict restrictions as they allow Warez Forums, nulled scripts, and even adult content websites or other sites that would specifically and directly relate with various contents that may be copyrighted.

As mentioned, the service that PanamaServer includes would cover that from the Shared Hosting services, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, and other dedicated servers.

It may also include offering services that would involve simple domain registration. One may also be guaranteed of its uptime setting having a gamut of DIY tools for you to choose from.

PanamaServer Pros

You would simply be amazed of the great features and benefits that PanamaServer has for its market. It provides DDoS protected VPS, domain registration, VPN, offshore dedicated servers, and premium hosting support.

And to top it all off, it has a very affordable price which is very much affordable; a very affordable price which is literally very much affordable. On a very limited budget, you may be able to enjoy the whole package at a price of $4.16 per month.

You would only be amazed of their service as the level of their service provides personalized features that are right on for your personal or business needs that to have them all at a price that is quite affordable would be more than enough for you to conclude that such a webhosting service is really worth it.

Moreover, PanamaServer particularly provides those webhosting plans that would be highly necessary so that you will be able to run your website in a more successful manner. In fact, finding the best resource management in the webhost realm, their cloudlinux is a very good source for you.

And when it comes to data centers, the PanamaServer is the only Webhost Company that allows you to be provided with ipv4 and also ipv6 which is an added advantage for every webmaster.

PanamaServer Cons

Their service would have been great had it not for some of the minor few concerns that may be a reason enough for most people to continue on patronizing this service. For instance, a lot of people have already complained of their poor customer service.

It is because most of their customer service agents are not really that accommodating and they are basically not friendly to even begin with.

In addition, there is also a highly likelihood that you may be able to lose all the money once you will attempt to invest all in Panama server.

It is because for one thing, changes in Liberty Reserves or in any form of currency when it comes to their account numbers would have to allow you to lose significant money. Thus, you need to be careful here even if you are using a very simple html page with no SCIs or scripts.

Most importantly, their service on their technical support is quite poor also. Knowing that they have poor customer service would literally affect their technical support team as well. It is of this reason that both their customer service and their technical support are very much poor when it comes to performance and reliability.

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