Third Party OptinMonster Review

OptinMonster Overview

Website owners absolutely hope that there would be a constant if not increasing influx of visitors on their pages but marketers want even more than that. They want that those visitors would turn into customers and if they are lucky those customers would remain loyal to them.

It is not that easy to do so as you’ve got to apply strategies for people to visit your page.

Others see to it that their web pages are attractively design and create strong keywords that would lead their page at the top rank of the search results so their site has the higher chance or gaining a lot of visitors who will land on their page.

This is what OptinMonster is all about. It is a plugin for Word Press and what’s good about it is that, it enables its users to turn their web page visitors into clients or customers. It is by creating optin forms that has the capacity to do such conversion.

Within a minute, you can already make optin forms which are professionally designed. It also allows you to target specific markets or users. Turning your visitors into subscribers and loyal customers is definitely beneficial to your online business.

OptinMonster Support

You shouldn’t have any problem with OptinMonster support as there is always someone from their support team to assist you on your queries. You just have to login to your account and submit email tickets describing about the problems that you are experiencing regarding with the said plugin.

If you are experiencing bugs and other similar concerns it is best if you will tell them about it specifically and in full details. Your message will reach their system by clicking the submit button.

You can depend on them that they are going to address your concern in a timely manner so you will be able to maximise of its functions and benefits.

OptinMonster Pros

Bloggers, developers and those who are into online business as well as marketers who focus on internet marketing will find this OptinMonster at their advantage. Their chance of increasing email subscriptions from their target customers is very high.

Thus they can easily predict the increase rate of their sales and profit. It is great because it also identifies the certainty of a visitor to leave your website and prevent it by using various campaigns to lure them to stay.

Its features will help you to build a website that attracts possible customers for example, A/B Testing module which comes with this plug in enables the users to identify which layouts, headlines, content and styles would generate higher conversion rates by means of conducting tests with them.

This way you can discard the layouts that do not gain positive results while keeping and improving those which are garnering your desired outcome.

OptinMonster Cons

There are only quite a few setbacks with OptinMonster. The first is, it has limited template especially for mobile phones which is only one even though they have already announced that they are going to develop more themes for mobile yet no specific date was stated.

Other templates are good when you see them but are not actually editable or cannot be customized. There are even times when you need to make your own template by uploading your own pictures.

Some might consider the price of Exit Intent Technology which comes with Pro Version as its downside because of its being expensive. Others might not afford to buy it at $199. Although according to their website that there might come a time when it would have a standalone product.

It is currently available only for those who are using Word Press so those who do not have any account in the site cannot use the plug in.

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