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OpenLedger Fees

Membership Fees

Currenctly there are three memberships availables on OpenLedger - basic accounts (regular account when you sign up), Annual membership and Lifetime membership. Usually Annual membership is less expensive but you need to pay early. Lifetime membership is much more expensive and each time BTS price raise, price for these memberships also raise in USD value.

Up to 1.500 BTS for lifetime membership
Exchange Fees

When it comes to making transactions and trade inside OpenLedger cryptocurrency exchange, the fees range between 0.05 to 0.2% (with regular basic account). With Lifetime membership you will recieve 80% fees back.

between 0.05% to 0.2% fees for each transaction
Withdrawal Fees

The fees basically differ from currency to currency, but overall withdrawal fees are extremely low. When it comes to sending Bitshares there is flat fee 0.2 BTS for sending (it may change in future).

Fixed fee 0.2 BTS for sending Bitshares
Let us know, if OpenLedger change something!

OpenLedger Advantages of OpenLedger

  • Decentralised ExchangeOpenLedger is decentralised exchange (DEX) that's running on BitShares blockchain offering protection from huge centraised cryptoccurrency exchanes. In future we will see more and more regulations, forcing traders run away from traditional exchanges to "safe havens" like OpenLedger.
  • SecurityWhen it comes to security within cryptocurrency echanges, then OpenLedger (BitShares) is probably the most safest exchange. It's like trading on your own cold wallet - you can even lock your wallet to your computer and IP.
  • MembershipsIf you decide to purchase Lifetime OpenLedger membership, you can save up to 80% fees and trade with minimal fees. For day-to-day traders this is huge money-saver.
  • Premium NamesIf you want to send/recieve BTS you need to have username - it works like Bitcoin address, so you can choose username (address) you actually want - for example "@johnny". So you can basically create easy-to-remember address while staying completely anonymous.
  • Smart CoinsOn Openledger / BitShares you can trade with the smart coins (for example bitUSD, bitGBP, bitCNY) that are actually backed by real currency.
  • Payment CardOpenLedger is now working on their own payment card for your crypto assets. Then you will be able to easily transfer and exchange your crypto assets to fiat currencies like EUR or USD.
  • ICO/ITO SolutionsActually it's pretty simple to start ICO/ITO on OpenLedger or participate in other ICOs/ITOs. Overall it's all-in-one crypto system running on the fastest blockchain in the world.
  • affiliate program Begin promoting OpenLedger in order to earn Up to 50% commissions - other info in partner area.
  • 24-Hour Help Talk to OpenLedger support group with email.
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OpenLedger Informations

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Openledger APS,
NOVI Science Park,
Niels Jernes Vej 10,
Aalborg, Denmark

OpenLedger affiliate program

Promote the biggest decentralised cryptocurrency exchange in the world - OpenLedger and earn up to 50% commissions for each referral membership upgrade. You will be also eligible to recieve commissions from each transaction done by your referrals.

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