Third Party NewIPNow Review

NewIPNow Overview is a dependable IP proxy service that protects your privacy online. With it, hackers and cyberspace spies won't be able to detect where you're surfing from or what ISP you're using. Proxies will hide your identity in more ways than one.

Furthermore, services like enable you to do things like bypass region lock on YouTube and other sites so that you can view videos that can only be seen in certain regions.

You can also post on forums and boards that ban people by IP or ISP, allowing you more freedom to post even in the face of overly strict moderators who can ban anyone at their whim. You won't have to wait weeks or even months to get back on whatever topic you want to discuss.

Aside from accessing region-locked content or accessing forums after bans, you can also bypass a country-wide firewall or even sites that were banned from access on your ISP for the most arbitrary of reasons (particularly those who live in places like China).

Thanks to, you can access most anything on the web while still keeping your identity a secret, as though it's Web 1.0 and you can still freely browse the web anonymously through shared, public IP addresses without being worried of organizations like the infamous NSA tracking your every movement.

You can even "change locations" on the web by picking through's collection of geographically diverse servers, from Afghanistan to Zambia. Your browsing history will even be secured thanks to the site's URL encryption scheme as well.

NewIPNow Support's customer service is dedicated to deal with your every issue. Their help desk will address every concern, comment, and suggestion put forth on their way.

The site even has a FAQ page that deals with all the frequently asked questions users usually deliver, thus you can simply scroll through the different sections in order to know how to best deal with any given query, whether it's about how the site works or if you have certain issues on the service itself. ensures that your computer and Internet surfing life goes as smoothly as possible, especially when it comes to dealing with troubleshooting and technical difficulties

NewIPNow Pros comes with multiple iterations. You have the web-based proxy front page that allows you to access websites straight from the site itself using the proxy server of your choice. Then there's also the non-website proxy offering that comes in Firefox extension form that allows you to surf using different proxies of your choice.

This particular service comes in two types: Premium (paid) service and ad-paid service (which means you'll have to sit through banner ad after banner ad in order to use it). The bottom line here is that you can make use of for free or as a paid commodity with added features.

Thanks to the multi-IP browsing services offered by, you can start fresh with a new IP any time. What sets this service apart from other plugins and extensions is that it doesn't eat up the resources of your PC. Proxy surfing shouldn't have to swallow your physical IP by leaps and bounds when surfing the web.

Furthermore, the site also ensures your anonymity with a URL encryption scheme that secures your browsing history from the prying eyes of online outlaws, virtual villains, cybercriminals, or net ne'er-do-wells. This is private surfing the way users want it to be.

NewIPNow Cons

Certain other plugins and extensions out there offer a more robust IP changer or proxy shifting service. Furthermore, there are programs that have a better extension interface than what's offered by In fact, there are applications that are equivalent to the paid services of the site, but are available for free.

They don't even use ads and whatnot to let you go about surfing anonymously. As for the ad-filled free version of, whether you use the web-based service or the extension, you'll be bombarded with ads, which are certainly minus points for the services right then and there.

The Firefox extension version of is reserved for those who want reliable and secure browsing over the Internet without depending on ads. What this means is that's "sample" or free service is as reliable as any other free service.

Sure, it's better than certain other site's free service that only allows you to browse one site at a time for your given IP, but as mentioned above, there are also better companies out there that offer about the same services as the premium package without the payment. Some even offer thousands more IP addresses compared to's hundreds of IPs.

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