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My Mobile Money Pages Overview

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My Mobile Money Pages is all about marketing through mobile phones as conceptualized by Andrew Fox, a leading marketing genius. It's not an eBook, but an app that doesn't only give you powerful information on how to promote yourself using online marketing means.

It's also a program you can use on a variety of laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktops that will enable you to create content and landing pages to assist you in speatheading your mobile marketing capabilities.

Usage of these pages should automate income generation with the use of CPC, PPV, PPC, and affiliate marketing. In other words, it's your best bet when it comes to conglomerating several already powerful promotional tools and concentrating their impact through a mobile-marketing-based sales funnel of sorts.

In short, it's your readymade app that will make you and anyone else a mobile marketer in a flash, enabling you to make serious advertising money with little to zero effort. Does it sound too good to be true? Perhaps.

However, when you consider the fact that can't. 2 billion people on the planet owns their own mobile phone, you'll quickly realize that there's plenty of leads and traffic to go around (as well as money to be made) as long as you play your cards right and have the right tools like My Mobile Money Pages on hand, which combines surefire traffic-generating techniques into one mobile package.

The idea here is simple. Invest a little in paid advertising, use the My Mobile Marketing to focus all that traffic to a client or affiliate, and watch your money grow from there.

My Mobile Money Pages Support

The main page for My Mobile Money is a blog site review for it, so it's hard for the site to have any significant support pages. It lacks a contact form, and the only significant access to it is the secure and encrypted payment page.

It doesn't even offer an email of any sort by which you can contact in order to get any money-back guarantees.

There are no comments enabled on the review itself, but you can sign up for newsletters and Free email updates in order to at least be able to email someone about My Mobile Money Pages and how effective (or ineffective) it truly is.

My Mobile Money Pages Pros

Many clients have benefited and vigorously approve the usage of programs like My Mobile Money Pages even if it's left in the hands of amateur marketers because it's a streamlined means of promotions that depend on the power of multiple eager work-at-home individuals to get your site promoted, your products advertised, and your leads generated in one fell swoop.

As for those who avail of My Mobile Money Pages, they work on a commission basis depending on which paid advertising means they utilize. As a primer to cellular phone marketing, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more user-friendly interface and informational package than My Mobile Money Pages.

It also clarifies what needs to be done in order to make money, plus the better you are at adapting these principles and monitoring your Affiliates if they're getting enough attention, signal boosts, traffic, and conversion rates, the more money you'll make since getting income through affiliations, CPC, PPV, and PPC marketing has been all laid out to you through the entire tutorial program.

For example, they invest on Googlelele AdWords to promote certain Affiliates through Affiliate Marketing, thus their initial AdWords investment will return to them tenfold by affiliate commissions, covering the investment cost and making a tidy profit at the same time.

My Mobile Money Pages Cons

The lack of a main page, official resource, support page, or even website for My Mobile Money is a bit disconcerting, to say the least. This has happened before, though. There are some guerilla-style commodities that get sold mostly through blogs and (either paid advertisement or genuine) review sites.

However, this comes with the caveat of people (rightfully) being suspicious about the whole deal. If the lack of information about this product and even an official website is ringing alarm bells in your head, then you can avail of other work-at-home marketing schemes that at least have a main page to speak of.

Aside from the lack of information and resources outside of blogs and review sites like this, some of the sites recommending it are light on details regarding how it actually works, further muddling it's worth as a marketing tool.

My Mobile Money Pages is essentially a crash course tutorial on how to go about legion-style marketing for Affiliates on a commission basis, which entails a little investment to gain maximum profit but not without risk.

Good luck trying to get that information from other so-called review sites, though. They cite statistics and research, but there's little to no context on how exactly My Mobile Money Pages does what it does, leaving a nebulous impression of it.

Recapitulation Of My Mobile Money Pages Review

Here's the deal when it comes to monetizing and combining different traffic aggregators and lead generators together to form a mobile phone business that drives up traffic to Affiliates with careful planning, advertising, and a little sacrifice on CPC, PPV, or PPC investment.

Because mobile marketing isn't limited to text marketing anymore ever since they became powerful enough to browse through the Internet, you can pretty much apply standard PC Internet marketing tactics on a mobile format, provided that you have mobile-view landing pages in portrait instead of only landscape layouts (or dynamic website design as well).

As long as you can get those mobile user eyes into the ads of your Affiliates, you're good to go, and My Mobile Money Pages will hold your hand every step of the way.

Pretty much anything goes here, from incorporating a Free YouTube account to drive clicks to Affiliates to having a solid CPC or PPV paid advertisement to further drive up your commissions. Cellphones are also quite popular among the youth because of it's usage to browsing the Internet for entertainment, local services, video media sharing, and so forth.

You can visit sites to read about articles with native advertising or create mobile banner ads for any viral videos you want to ride the coattails of.

The strength of the all-purpose My Mobile Money Pages' crash course on mobile marketing comes from it's ability to adapt itself to any new technology or format in the realm of cellphones, thus making it versatile, scalable, and future-proofed.

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