Third Party Mobile Blog Money Review

Mobile Blog Money Overview

Mobile phones are increasing in number as we reach an age where almost everything can be done using mobile devices. The emergence of smart phones has also increased the people’s needs to have one and to bring their activities over to mobile phones.

It lets them achieve daily activities easier and more convenient. This happening is both beneficial for the everyday users of the mobile phone and for the inventive business people.

The growing number of mobile phone users can be taken advantage of and be the basis of earning money easily. Mobile Blog has made it possible to earn money fast and easy using blogging technology and the use of mobile advertising and marketing.

It involves a program that allows you to create blogs that invites visitors to leave behind their mobile numbers for updates about certain products that they want to purchase.

Once you have the users’ mobile phone numbers, you can then start promoting different products that they might like. Once these products get purchased, you will be earning commission. This commission will increase as more and more subscribers you have and as more products they purchase.

There are four modules that you need to have in order to fully understand how this mobile business works.

  • The Builder – This will help you in starting your business.
  • The Buyer Sniper – This will teach you how to achieve your quota for the buyer traffic.
  • The Automator – This will automate the process, so that it will repeat by itself.
  • The Competition Rework- This will enable you to increase your buyer traffic and understand the competition.

Mobile Blog Money Support

The regular price for the program that you will be using is set at $67 for the regular price. You can get a discount of 20% and just purchase the program for $47.

The signing up requires you to have a ClickBank account so that your ad click commissions will have somewhere to go to aside from the purchases of your products or services. As more and more hops are created, you will be earning a lot of money as well through ClickBank.

Purchasing the program will also give you access to the members area where you can get access to posted resources and interact with other affiliates.

Mobile Blog Money Pros

Because this unique business utilizes the technology of mobile phones, it is set apart from other businesses that involve the internet and the use of tools to generate product-purchase commissions.

Here are other things that will make you more interested in doing this kind of business:

  • A chance to concentrate on strategies to promote the products or the services. You will have more control of the sales and promotion of the things you sell. You can try different strategies, target certain markets, or choose different sets of products to promote.
  • You will get to choose which kinds of ads will be the most effective to bring the users to your web page.
  • The marketing industry for mobile is constantly growing, and that means the assured growth of the business as well.
  • People have their mobile phones with them for most parts of the day. This means the business is more exposed and people will have more chances to take part in it compared to when they are using the computer.
  • Unlike online business tools where you need to create your own website, worry about content, creating backlinks, and making sure your website is ranked high, which are usually priced together with the purchase of the tool, you won’t have to have these things when doing a mobile blog business.

Mobile Blog Money Cons

This business is not for everyone though. When you decide to pursue with this kind of enterprise, you need to aware of the following:

  • This kind of business is unique and one of its kind. This would send out the wrong message to people when they hear about it. Mobile Blog Money is still gaining the popularity that it needs to reach the mainstream surface of online marketing.
  • No matter how good your product is, it will only sell if a lot of them see or discover it. There is the constant challenge of creating ways to increase the traffic. Although you will be getting the tools to help you increase traffic, you still have to participate in the promotion of the business.
  • The business requires you to have the right knowledge about the internet and mobile phone technology. And since you will be involved in creating your line of products and services, you will also need enough knowledge and know-how in product development and marketing.

    This would also mean that if you cannot get your hands on products that you think will sell, whether the products are yours or from other people, you won’t be gaining anything. Since the purchases are generated ClickBank, unless you have an affiliate with an account in ClickBlank, there is no way for you to receive the income.

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