Third Party Mevvo Review

Mevvo Overview

It would be really frustrating when you are in the middle of something important, probably your thesis or business project, when suddenly your computer turns off by itself. You hysterically turn back on your computer while you see a message that goes “Missing Operating System”.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is to bring it to the nearest computer service. However, the computer technician regrets to inform you that your hard disk crashed and he couldn’t restore your files.

Due to the fact that most people these days are dependent on electronic devices, the development of online backup is inevitable. Whether it is your business projects, college thesis, music files, movies, and images it is really disappointing to lose them.

Some people will rely on backup using CD’s, flash drive and external hard drive. However, if you think they are secured, consider that there are possibilities that these files can be wiped out in just a fracture of a second with viruses and malwares. Therefore, an online backup will be your best option to keep them safe and secured.

Online backup allows you to rest assure that all your files and documents will be properly secured.

It is the most cost effective backup tool which provide convenience since it will automatically be transferred. By storing your data online, you can easily access them anytime and anywhere regardless if you are using mobile devices, desktop computer or laptop.

Mevvo is an online backup platform which provide unlimited online backup system. Whether if your files are PDF, Docs, images, movies, images and music.

Pros of Mevvo

  • Easy to install and fully automated – You don’t have to be anxious when you want to avail the service from Mevvo. All you need to do is to sign up, download the system, install and configure your backup system.

    Once you installed Mevvo online backup, the system will work quietly and hassle free. You can focus on your work with the peace of mind.

  • Unlimited data storing – Mevvo features unlimited online backup, regardless of how large or how small your files, the system will not limit concerning the amount of your date. You can store data as much as you want without capping your bandwidth.

  • Multiple computer backup plan - One of the greatest advantage of Mevvo online backup is that, you are not required to use one specific computer in one account, you can use numerous computers.

    This will definitely a great advantage for individuals who always on the go, businesses and any types of organization.


Since the backup system only works to the use of the web, you can’t access your files without internet connection. Any changes you made with your documents or files without connecting online could make things complicated.

Another disadvantage of online backup system is that, you’ll be dependable with internet connection. Therefore, it is highly suggested to also use flash drive or external hard drive just in case an internet connection failure.

If your files and documents are really important that concerns your job or business, then having hard copies will make you feel sense of security.

Recapitulation Of Mevvo Review

It is really disappointing when you are in the middle of something when abruptly your operating system fails. It is frustrating not to recover all your important files, documents, music, videos and images while you think that these files is safer with your computer system.

For this reason, most people are using backup tools just in case something horrible happens with their computer. However, due to the fact that external hard drive, memory sticks, CD’s and DVD’s are vulnerable with malicious software such as viruses and malwares.

Therefore, in order for you to rest assure that your important files are safe and secured an online backup by Mevvo will make sure that all your files will be kept safe. The online backup platform features easy to install software.

All you need to do is to fill up some files concerning your personal information, download the system, install and setup your online backup system. Mevvo will not limit your usage, you can use the online backup system regardless of how small or how large your files are.

However, keep in mind that you can only use the system if you have internet connection. You shouldn’t be online dependent and make sure you have hard copies.

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