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  • Carolus Golden
    June, 10
  • Nicholas Collins
    April, 19
  • Darell
    April, 09
  • Timothy
    March, 12
  • Adnan
    February, 19
  • Mafalda
    October, 23
  • Billi
    September, 24
  • Denise
    June, 14
  • Diane Hardy
    March, 06
  • Eustolia
    February, 19
  • Darnell
    October, 02
  • Tresa
    April, 03
  • Benjamin Sanders
    March, 24
  • Ardis
    February, 03
  • Annie
    December, 31
  • Bobby Thompson
    December, 08
  • Danuta
    September, 17
  • Thomas Bell
    July, 13
  • SEO Master
    May, 06
  • Albert
    April, 11
  • Enrika C.
    March, 16
  • Dante
    December, 13
  • Natasha Santiago
    September, 11
  • Kasey
    August, 17
  • Amado
    June, 28
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Why Magic Submitter?

  • Thousands of sitesYou can choose from thousands of sites that you can submit to. This site lists also include a lot of web 2.0 sites perfectly suitable for tier link building and can be used directly to your website without any worries.
  • Captcha Solving Magic Submitter will automatically solve all captcha verifications, so you don't have to spend 100s of dollars for captcha solving services.
  • Built-in SpinnerAvoid leaking your footprints while submitting your content to thousands of sites - spin your content with a single click with Magic Submitter spinner that is also included!
  • Account Creations Create 100s of accounts very easily with Magic Submitter. You can then use these accounts for your SEO purposes or directly inside Magic Submitter.
  • Always Updated Did you purchase software that stopped working ? It will not happen with Magic Submitter because of on-going updates.
  • Magic Submitter GuaranteeMagic Submitter offers 60 days money back guarantee & risk-free trial membership.
  • partner programBegin promoting Magic Submitter and collect 50% commissions - additional info in affiliate area.
  • 24/7 SupportConnect with Magic Submitter support crew with email
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Magic Submitter partner program

Partner Program Description

Magic Submitter is paying generous 50% commissions from every sale generated by your affiliate link. The best part of all is that you can use Magic Submitter to propagate your own affiliate links!


PPS (Pay per sale) - Up to 50% per sale.

Magic Submitter Billing

Magic Submitter utilizes Clickbank network to handle costs.

if ever you find any type of troubles:

Starts at $67.00 per
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