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  • Dimitry
    January 26
  • Barnie
    December 10
  • Cheryl garcia
    October 18
  • Doris allen
    October 2
  • Gunter
    August 24
  • Bern T.
    August 23
  • carolus golden
    June 26
  • Clemmy B.
    May 17
  • SEO master
    May 5
  • Joeann Cordes
    April 22
  • Cobb M.
    April 11
  • Enrika C.
    February 28
  • caria marler
    March 4
  • eleanor mathew
    February 21
  • Johnason
    January 21
  • brigid
    January 16
  • Brucie
    January 12
  • Yolanthe O.
    December 6
  • Shaylynn
    November 28
  • Ronnie M.
    November 22
  • Paolo Maples
    October 14
  • Sharlene
    September 26
  • alfreda
    September 25
  • Rory W.
    August 17
  • Morley H.
    June 28

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Why Magic Submitter ?

  • Thousands of sitesYou can choose from thousands of sites that you can submit to. This sitelist also include a lot of web 2.0 sites perfectly sutable for tier-linkbuilding and can be used directly to your website without any worries.
  • Captcha Solving Magic Submitter will automatically solve all captcha verifications, so you don't have to spend 100s of dollars for captcha solving services.
  • Built-in SpinnerAvoid leaking your footprints while submitting your content to thousands of sites - spin your content with single click with Magic Submitter spinner that is also included!
  • Account Creations Create 100s of accounts very easily with Magic Submitter. You can then use these accounts for your SEO purposes or directly inside Magic Submitter.
  • Always Updated Did you purchase software that stopped working ? It will not happen with Magic Submitter because of on-going updates.
  • Magic Submitter InsuranceMagic Submitter offers 60 days money back guarantee & risk-free trial membership.
  • affiliate program Begin advertising Magic Submitter in order to get 50% commissions - other details in referral area.
  • 24 Hours A Day Help Contact Magic Submitter help group by email .
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Magic Submitter affiliate program

Magic Submitter is paying generous 50% commissions from every sale generated by your affiliate link. The best part of all is that you can use Magic Submitter to propagate your own affiliate links!

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Magic Submitter Billing

Magic Submitter utilizes ClickBank to manage charges.

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