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Since time begun to run its course, pyramids have become one of mankind’s greatest mysteries. There have only been theories on why these massive structures were built. Structures that seem to have risen out of nowhere to become one of the greatest sites to take a journey for and see.

You also get the chance to climb up to the top and enjoy the view. Once you are up there, you would feel proud of what you have achieved in taking the journey.

Taking a careful look at our lives today, these pyramids are actually perfect comparisons for businesses. If you’ve observed, businesses just open up randomly at one point in time then slowly rise to make a name for itself.

As it grows, it starts to attract a lot of customers, users, buyers, etc. People would go to great lengths for those businesses if they have become regular customers.

In the beginning, businesses start small and simple. This is how a majority of businesses are when they first start. Businesses are simply like the pyramids; they are untouched, hidden, unknown for a long period of time until someone discovers them.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort or time for someone to stumble upon and discover these establishments. But if no one finds them, they would remain hidden.

Much like in the world of web businesses, a hidden site is a dead site. People that visit it are the ones that keep it alive. If a site is unable to be visited, buried among a dozen other sites, it would cease to exist. It would remain hidden.

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