Third Party iSpionage Review

iSpionage Overview

Agencies and marketers need to have plans and strategies when it comes to winning clients. First, is that they need to learn the backgrounds of their clients as possible.

Impressing potential clients just through their knowledge of the industry would not be enough, the likes and dislikes of the target clients are important to gain their loyalty.

Second is the optimization of campaigns with a little use of time because getting clients’ AdWords budget results is what they want to know as soon as possible. The good thing is that iSpionage helps with both of these strategies.

iSpionage, taken from the word espionage which means spying , can be able to spy the other competitors by means of competitive keyword and domain research.

This keyword tool is very easy to use. Just type and enter the domain and the keyword and you can find out which ad copy they are using, what are the keywords they are willing to pay together with the price offer, and the webpage where they are directing the visitors.

The information that has been accumulated will enable the marketer to surpass the top advertisers in the market by reconstructing and improving the efficiency of your campaign based on what is favorable to the people.

Spying on the competitors is one of the ways in order for a marketer to be successful in pay per click marketing. iSpionage is one of the innumerable competitive intelligence tools that can give one an advantage over competitors.

Although this may cost one to spend money, the saved time using iSpionage will enable one to create more effective PPC campaigns and will easily recoup the money spent for purchasing this tool in just a shot span of time.

iSpionage Support

There are two types of strategies that is included in iSpionage namely Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The PPC is also known as Cost Per Click.

It is a way of advertising in the internet that is used for directing traffic to websites which the publishers (commonly the owner of the website) are paid by the advertisers every time the ad is clicked.

It allows the advertisers to bid for posting or placing their ads in search engines with sponsored links when one typed in a keyword that is associated to the business they offer.

The SEO is a strategy in internet marketing which reviews what people actually search for especially the keywords typed in search engines, the search engines where target market actually favored and how these search engines performs.

Another SEO tactic is increasing the number of inward links or backlinks through promotion of websites.

iSpionage Pros

There are many features under Pay Per Click method. First is the competitor alerts. A good advantage of this feature is that the marketer would know at that moment whenever the competitors change their ads. They can also know when there is bidding of new keywords or if they alter their copies of the ads.

As a notification whenever there are changes, there will be an email sent into your account. The second feature is slightly the same as the competitor alerts with the exception that it is focused only on the significant keywords.

This is called as keyword monitoring and setting up the keyword alert will also give notifications through the email each time there are changes on the most valuable keywords.

There is also a feature to measure the effectiveness of that specific keyword for the competitor. This is known as Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) and it uses a proprietary algorithm for calculations.

They can also sort the keywords of the competitors through the estimation of Cost Per Click (CPC) and search volume for the identification of the most important keywords the competitors are bidding on. Aside from KEI, there is another proprietary logarithm which is called as Ad Effectiveness Index (AEI).

AEI ranks the ads of the competitors based on the length of time the ad appeared and the last time it has been seen. The Ad Effectiveness Index gives clue on which kind of ads are best working for the competition.

It has been assumed that the longer the period the ad is seen, the more it is effective to use.

If the marketer wants to optimize 60, 600, or 6000 keywords, then it will accumulate too much time for one to monitor those keywords manually. SEO Keyword Monitoring can do the robust monitoring through illustration of graphs.

This will ease up the marketer’s work and can save up time. SEO traffic value quantifies the traffic value of the website that is received in dollar amount. An SEO agency will need this data as a reference the true worth of the marketer’s service.

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