Third Party Hostkey Review

Hostkey Overview

HostKey is a web hosting company that offers dedicated severs located in the Netherlands and Russia. They offer high quality dedicated serves and promise quick customer support. Choosing a web hosting company for your website requires a lot of considerations. Some of them are:

  • Price – Price is always one of the priorities when deciding which web hosting company to choose. A lot of companies offer different packages and prices. HostKey offers a price for specific wants of a client.

    It depends on which kind of CPU the server uses the amount of RAM, how many disks are there going to be and the platform, and finally, how often do you have to pay for the service. For a Core i3 3.0 Ghz 2 Cores, 4GB RAM and 2 disks of hard drive is just €80 per month.
  • Type of server – The decision whether to just purchase your very own server to just use dedicated servers is also very important. If you feel like spending a lot of money then you can go have your own servers but the problem with having your servers is that repairs and maintenance need to be ordered separately with the servers. Choosing HostKey’s dedicated servers is good idea since these servers are in the hands of other people who will monitor it regularly and conducts the maintenance right away.
  • Location of servers – Having dedicated servers in foreign countries is a sure way to make sure that your website is secure and safe.

Hostkey Support

Aside from the necessary technical considerations to think about in choosing a web hosting company, it is also very important to choose a hosting company that promises to provide a good customer service and support. HostKey has specialists who will handle customer support 24 hours and 7 days a week.

HostKey also offers virtual servers that are SSD or SAS based VPS in Netherlands and in Russia. Clients can also specify the conditions and design of these servers and they are all priced accordingly. For VPS in Netherlands, you can choose among the prepared packages and you can specify to the smallest details the VPS in Russia.

Hostkey Pros

Choosing HostKey as your web hosting company has its many pros. Some of them include the following:

  • Flexible pricing packages – The tailoring of the pricing plans for each servers in either Netherlands or Russia is a wonderful idea. This will enable clients to fit their wants with the company offers.

    They can also make compromises by simply choosing with state of the servers downgrade to. The virtual private servers are also tailored to the clients’ needs although with less freedom for the Netherlands VPS than for the ones in Russia.
  • Wide range of server specs – Having six different CPU’s, RAM sizes, and number of hard drive disks makes it possible for the clients to look for something that they really want as a server for their website. This could also mean that if a client wants to upgrade a server then they can choose which part of the server to upgrade.
  • Foreign location of servers – The location of dedicated servers is a big part in deciding which servers to employ. The Netherlands and Russia have very established web hosting policies and security measures that it will be a relief for the clients has the data centers located at these locations.
  • Microsoft partner – HostKey is a Microsoft partner and this give a client the confidence to pick form other hosting companies. Having a legitimate corporation to partner with a web hosting company is good sign the company does their operations in a very legal and reliable way. This also means that operating systems are sure to work the server and its control panel.

Hostkey Cons

The only downside in choosing HostKey are your web hosting company is that the operator and the technicians are foreigners. In a time where you need to come in contact with them not just for customer support but for other things as well like inquiries or upgrades, there might be a possibility of language disconnect. HostKey promises that the specialists who will take in customer support calls and emails are very well versed in English but knowing the language does not make the support and the service easier.

There are also clients who wish to see or to view the site where the dedicated servers are located from just to make sure of their purchases. Having the dedicated servers in the Netherlands and in Russia is an advantage in terms of website security and safety but for operations and technical reassurances like making sure the servers are really running in the correct specifications. The company should offer a viewing of the dedicated servers if possible. This disadvantage will be insignificant if the client is located in a location near the company’s datacenters. It is then a good idea for clients who are of proximity with the data center s to share what they have seen to give the future clients a form reassurance.

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