Third Party Hivelocity Hosting Review

Hivelocity Hosting Overview

The world of computers has grown since the time it was created. Each and every day, scientists have moved themselves in finding the next big thing when it comes to computers and we are the ones who are receiving the direct benefit.

This is because we use computers each and every day in order to complete out tasks. The best thing about computers is the fact that they will always make our tasks a lot easier. This is true in almost all fields concerned.

The internet is one part of this technology. There are many people who are considering it as a separate achievement of many scientists but they will always come together since they are the ones who are necessary in the achievement of many things.

We have seen the internet develop into something more over the past few years. This is due to the advancements done by certain companies and technological agencies. These things allowed us to do more in so little time.

Internet technology includes the use of servers. These are basically large storage facilities for digital data. This is being used by many websites on order to cater to all the information that they have in their site. These servers allow people to access certain information in a very efficient way since they are located in many different locations.

To further understand this concept we would have to learn more about internet technology. But in a brief overview, servers can be considered as store branches that allow people to reach what they wanted to reach easier and faster.

This will also allow the management to divide all their manpower in different locations so as not to crowd the main building. This concept works in almost any site there is especially when it comes to games and social networking sites.

Hivelocity Hosting Support

There are many hosting agencies that will allow people to have this kind of technology like Hivelocity Hosting. Usually, companies will build their own off shore servers but those ones who do not have the funds can ask for server providers.

This is very beneficial for small businesses and other sites because of the fact that it will allow them to cater to their customers all over the world without slowing down their main computer. They can use the servers until they need it.

They have to pay a certain fee for these servers but it will all be worth it since they will be able to give out good service to their customers.

Hivelocity Hosting Pros

There are so many benefits given by Hivelocity. One of the best benefits is the fact that they are offering their services for a very competitive price. This means that you can have their service without having to sacrifice a lot.

They also have different offers being managed by their engineers.

Hivelocity has the right to boast their servers. One of the best and the newest servers they have is the dual octadeca servers. In simpler terms, they are offering the power of two 18 core computers in just one processor.

You will also have access to large amounts of random access memory or RAM making the performance faster. You can also choose how much space you would want to use and they will be able to offer just that.

This is the age of high end games and applications and servers are one of the gamers’ best friends. This is because servers will allow them to connect faster to all the data they need in order to launch the game. And with these independent servers, they can do that faster and easier.

This can also be very beneficial to many game developers since they will be able to offer good services to their customers making the word of mouth spread fast.

Hivelocity Hosting Cons

We are talking about large amounts of data being stored in large facilities and buildings. We are also talking about businesses and their precious customer records and accounts. This means that we are talking about vulnerable sensitive information open to attacks.

If ever you placed a multimillion worth of information in these servers you are setting up a worldwide hunt and you will probably end up a victim of extortion.

For many terrorists, the actions may not be for money so they will not bother what kind of information is destroyed – they will just destroy. This is a very farfetched idea but since we are talking about large scale businesses this will still be a good possibility.

Once their server ends up larger than expected, you can also expect lags and more frequent maintenance checks. This may not be really good news for many of your customers and they will more likely a better service provider.

This is a common downside to many web hosting companies and they would have to assure you about the things that they are doing in order to prevent this from happening.

The price might be competitive but they are still something a common businessman could afford. They would have to have a lot of funds in order to allow their customers to see the website.

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