Third Party GSA Email Verifier Review

GSA Email Verifier Overview

When you are in an internet marketing industry, you know how important it is to send emails to the people on your contact list. It is your way to advertise the things you offer to your customers.

But sending those emails doesn’t guarantee you that they have received the emails or not since you don’t know if the email address is still active. You will only know that it’s not active once the ISP sends the email back to you.

This is pretty frustrating for marketers not because they have wasted their time to send emails to inactive email addresses. What makes them more frustrated is that they still need to pay for it, despite sending the email unsuccessfully.

But you don’t have to deal with that situation anymore. There is this software that lets you send the emails to the right people. With this software, you don’t have to spend your time, money, and effort for nothing as it assures you that the recipients have received the email.

This software that this review is pertaining to is the GSA Email Verifier.

The GSA Email Verifier is ideal for all marketers who work online. This software gets rid of inactive email addresses on your list. Furthermore, it removes the addresses in which you don’t want to send your email.

This software sets the email automatically from valid to invalid email addresses and deletes them once it’s done segregating email addresses. With this software, not only will you save time, but money, as well.

GSA Email Verifier Support

But before you get this product, let us discuss its support team, advantages and disadvantages of using this software. Let’s discuss the support team first. The GSA Email Verifier software has a reliable support team.

Their mission is to guide their consumers who are in need of their help. You can ask them anything about their products and services.

There are several ways to contact their support staff. You may call their hotline, send them an email or join the forum. Whichever you choose, the team will answer your questions the moment they read your message or answer your call.

GSA Email Verifier Pros

There are several benefits you will get if you use the GSA Email Verifier software. Apart from it eliminates and segregate the active and inactive email addresses, the software also removes the email addresses whom you don’t want to send the emails.

Another benefit is the software’s interface. You don’t need to become a software programmer just to use this email checker. With just a few clicks, the software will automatically delete the inactive email addresses on your list.

As for the number of emails you can send, the GSA Email Verifier software lets you send your campaign ads to as many people as you like. There is no limitation for sending your emails, regardless of the number of receivers. Hence, you can send the email ads all at once.

Another great thing about this software is it doesn’t have any virus. Once you have downloaded the software, you don’t have to worry about your computer system from getting a virus as it is virus and malware-free.

But the greatest thing about this software is it lets you save your cash when it comes to sending emails as there are ISPs that ask for payment every time you send an email, whether the email has sent or not.

GSA Email Verifier Cons

Though the GSA Email Verifier software is an ideal tool for email marketers, it doesn’t mean it is perfect. It still has flaws just like any other product. One of the flaws is, you can only use this software if you are using the Microsoft Windows system.

Hence, if you are a MacBook user, then you need to get another email checker software.

Another setback is their free version. Free versions let you enjoy the benefits that it gives, but it’s only for a certain amount of time. If you don’t buy the full software, you won’t get all the benefits that it gives. Hence, you need to buy the software if you want to get the full features of GSA Email Verifier.

The software does not offer a money-back guarantee, unlike other software you buy on the internet. Since they offer a free trial version, they don’t feel the need to offer this policy. Once you have bought the software, there is no way for you to get your money back, even if you want to stop using the product.

So, you had better do your research before buying this product to make sure that this software is the best for your marketing needs.

Recapitulation Of GSA Email Verifier Review

The GSA Email Verifier is an ideal software for all email marketers. The purpose of this software is to make sure that the receiver of the email gets the message. It removes all inactive email addresses, as well as those addresses whom you don’t want to send the email.

Furthermore, it lets you send emails as much as you like. It has no limitation, which gives you more opportunity to promote your business with many people. But the greatest benefit of this product is, it lets you save your money and time.

Since the software eliminates all unnecessary email addresses, you’re guaranteed that you will only send the campaign ads to the right people.

But just like any product sold on the market, the GSA Email Verifier still has flaws. One of the disadvantages is, the software is only for Microsoft Windows users. So if you are not using a laptop operated by Microsoft, then this is not for you.

Another disadvantage is, it doesn’t have a money-back guarantee policy. They only offer a free trial service. It’s up to you whether you should get this service or not. If you want to, you need to ready yourself that you won’t get back the money you spent once you bought the product.

Finally, you can only enjoy the benefits of their free trial version for the least amount of time. Therefore, you need to buy the premium software if you want to use it for a long time.

So, these are just some of the things you need to know about the GSA Email Verifier. Hope this review helps you decide whether this product is for you. You may still need to do your research if you want before getting this software online to make sure that it is the right software for your marketing needs.

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