Third Party GreenValueHost Review

GreenValueHost Overview

Web host services are very needed in the growing world of today. It is irrefutable that most businesses today utilize the help of web hosts because of the unending demand of people needing an online shop or online services.

Because of this, many companies are now emerging in the field of web hosting. But what really makes a web host service provider preferred by most clients?

Web host providers needs to have the best technology and hardware for an optimum performance yet still offers it an affordable and reasonable price. Since business talks about money, businessmen always try to seek those that offer services that meet their budget and their needs.

GreenValueHost is a dedicated web service provider that not only focuses on their benefit but as well as the benefit of their clients. This company was founded on the October of 2012 by Lance Jessurun and Jonathan Nguyen.

Although they have one of the most affordable services, they assure their clients with premium quality through their latest and high performing technologies, and their expert and well-trained team and staffs. They are passionate on giving the people what they deserve.

Their hardware and networks are top brands such as SuperMicro, HP, and NTT. In addition, they have 8 server locations around the world, ensuring every client fast and reliable service. These locations are Amsterdam, NL, Los Angeles CA, Dallas, TX, Piscataway, NJ, Buffalo, NY, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, and Seattle, WA.

They offer services on web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and domain registrations. All their services are top-quality and affordable whatever server you may choose, whether it for personal or business.

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