Third Party GreenHostBox Review

GreenHostBox Overview

Everyone needs a reliable web hosting service provider especially when you are running a website for your business. Whatever your business is, whether offline or online, a website is a very reliable source of sales since most people are now reliant over the internet.

However, having an excellent web host provider is not easy since there are many out there which are available.

GreenHostBox is a web host service provider established on May 27, 2013. This service provider is a trusted, affordable and reliable company. They offer three different hosting services that are known for speed and reliability. In addition, they offer domain registration and SSL certificate.

Their hosting services include shared hosting, reseller hosting, and OpenVZ VPS which are all divided into 4 four categories each: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

Their shared hosting service is $4.95/month which includes unlimited pure SSD space, sub/add on/parked domains, and MySQL databases, unmetered monthly bandwidth and 20Gbps DDoS protection. This is same as true with the reseller hosting except that it has an additional unlimited max cPanel accounts for $19.95/month.

For the OpenVZ VPS, it has 30GB disk space, 500GD monthly bandwidth, 2.2+ GHz CPU, 512MB DDR3 RAM memory, plus 100% network uptime and 20Gbps DDoS protection for $3.95/month.

GreenHostBox offers 6 domains for registration, transfer, and renewal for affordable prices which lasts for 1 year. These domains include .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, and .us all for the same price at $11.95.

Furthermore, you can choose to embed SSL certificate to your website through their Comodo PositiveSSL certificate, GeoTrust RapidSSL certificate, and Comodo EssentialSSL certificate which gives a reliable Secure Socket Layer to your website.

Recapitulation Of GreenHostBox Review

GreenHostBox has been the most reliable, affordable, and trusted website host service provider. It has features and benefits that sky-rockets its status to the top.

This company grants an instant service once you have ordered and paid.

They automatically create your account and email you the necessary information. You don’t have to wait for hours for the setup to be done. You will be assured that your upgrades and degrades will be done as soon as possible without any delays.

Also, they try to have the best service by informing all their clients about problems and updates they need to do and you will be assured for a service that will not give you hassle.

The hardware they use for hosting are very reliable since they utilize the latest once to ensure optimum performances. They always make sure that they meet all the expectations and needs of their clients.

The security of this provider is highly praised. They only use the most reliable hardware and servers to ensure security from their server through your browser. For this, they’re utilizing the CloudLinux and SSLs are installed.

In addition, their hardware and technology are high performing ensuring their clients with speed and top-quality output. They guarantee a high performing service by avoiding overloading of servers. They make certain that every server has ample space to always meet their promised service to their clients.

This company provides a monitoring for 24/7/365. Their technology allows them to be notified if ever there is a server that isn’t performing well. In terms of pricing, they are always the best in the business.

Rest assured that what you pay for starting is what you will always will. No additional charges or fees, and changes. Finally, they guarantee 30day money back, now you can try their service risk free.

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