Third Party FrapHost Review

FrapHost Overview

The need of the online web host servers are now in demand in the society. Many people need these providers due to unending growth of the online businesses.

Since online businesses are on demand, website creations are also needed, because of this, many online marketers are struggling to have something that will and can support their website. Hence web hosting services are there to help.

Web hosts are server providers that provide various necessary web requirements from memory, bandwidth, CPU, RAM, file transfer protocol, control panel, and many more. With the help of these providers, you can properly manage your website accordingly.

FrapHost is one of the web hosting servers available online. It offers affordable hosting services with premium quality performance with their top-tier facilities. The provider uses 4x1 SATA3 drive on RAID 10 disk array especially made for speed and effectiveness.

The server guarantees thousands of resources to be utilized by all their clients. They only provide what they can give, and they make sure that everything you view over their site is available.

Moreover, the hosting service provider offers top-quality networks to ensure optimum performance of their service from Level 3, Cogent, and XO and many more. Furthermore, all the services of FrapHost include 1-click installation of multiple scripts such as WordPress and mybb.

This host service offers only optimum performance from their services to supports and prices. You are also guaranteed with safe storages and up to date services. What this host offers includes three hosting which are shared hosting, reseller hosting, and virtual servers plus domain registrations.

Recapitulation Of FrapHost Review

FrapHost is basically the home of affordable web servers with premium qualities. It offers top quality updated and safe storage systems, 24/7 support and optimum host servers.

This host offers shared hosting which contains a lot of features that differs from FHSH level 1 to level 3 which is $1.95, $4.95, and $7.95 respectively.

All these levels offer different values on RAID-10 HDD storage, bandwidth which is paid monthly, add-on and parked domains, sub-domains, FTP and email accounts, email lists, database, DNS management, premium softaculous, logaholic, CloudFlare CDN, attracta SEO tools, access to CGI bin and front page, monitors your accounts, guarantees 24/7 support, and cPanel core features.

On the other hand, reseller hosting contains features same as what the shared hosting has expect that it has greater value and more unlimited features plus it offers addition feature which includes accounts and shell access. For FHSH level1, it starts on $6.95, FHSH level2 for $9.95 and FHSH level3 for $12.95.

Their virtual server has more profound features such as RAID-10 HDD storage, bandwidth, dedicated and burst RAM, 3.4 GHz CPU cores, IPv4 address, virtualization, virtual private server control panel, server hardening, full root access, enabled TUN/TAP device and point-to-point protocol, unlimited OS, monitored accounts, 1Gbps connection, and 24/7 support for $9.95, $19.95, and $29.95 for FHSH levels1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Generally, this web hosting has the most affordable web host service available with premium quality performance and facilities that assures for an optimum output. Also, FrapHost has most of the features needed for an excellent website host.

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