Third Party Foundation Web Hosting Review

Foundation Web Hosting Overview

They provide 99.9% uptime guarantee their over the top data center and network infrastructure allows them to provide this guarantee, which means you are assured of this uptime guarantee any month and any year for your websites.

24/7 available customer support; if you encounter problems or have questions concerning your website, they are more than happy to assist via phone, mail, or IM. They are among the outstanding companies in the industry that provide the best price and guarantee fourteen days money back if you are unhappy and do not want to continue to avail of their services.

To host your content, FWH runs best hardware and networking equipment for their servers. They host your websites on dual quad core servers on a RAID 10 configuration which gives high level of safety.

They also provide the best tools for you to manage your website with ease, some of the tools are; E-mail solutions, visitor stats, database admin panels, logs, automatic script installer, Help Center / Support Ticket.

With many web hosting companies in the industry today, it can be tricky to choose. But lucky for you, youve heard about FWH. Not only that, they are one of the best but they also provide and plan according to the clients ideals.

Their customer service that is always available and your security in their hosting that is guaranteed are just some of the best services they offer. In their website, you can choose the plan that you want, explore other offers, read more information about them and all the things that they give assurance to clients.

They are completely clean and honest, their whereabouts and reliable contact information are also available in their website. So now, you can start thinking about where to go when you need help in web hosting.

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