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Facebook has billions of users, and that means there is a huge potential of people to discover your content and website, increasing the number of leads, and the chance to acquire high sales. Despite these benefits that Facebook can offer, working around the social media site can be extremely tiring and time-consuming.

Navigating around the social network to get people to see your content requires a particular set of skills and knowledge in marketing and social media systems. Fortunately, there is a tool that is available to maximize the use of Facebook in getting website traffic, and increasing traffic.

FBinfluence promises to achieve getting automated leads and sales, attracting prospects to be business partners, getting autopilot testimonials, and being recognized as a leader of a particular industry. The process of leveraging Facebook using FBinfluence is divided into four steps:

  • Step 1: The right way to set up Facebook using foundational keys.
  • Step 2: Finding and attracting a fan base.
  • Step 3: Creating high quality content.
  • Step 4: Turning fans into customers.

These steps will be discussed in detail inside the FBinfluence Blueprint. These four tools will be made available once a purchase is made. Aside from these four tools, modules will also be given. There will be four modules that will teach how to perfect the four tools.

The tools are intended for wide variety of users which include entrepreneurs, marketers, business owners, and for those people who are just getting started.

The necessary marketing and social media knowledge to utilize Facebook into an effective traffic and sales generator will be delivered by the tools and modules provided by FBinfluence.

FBinfluence Support

The entire package costs $97, but it comes with bonuses that are priced at $987, and they come for free.

  • Bonus 1: Strategies to content marketing – This bonus includes over 50 strategies on how to boost engagement.
  • Bonus 2: Using Facebook groups – Learn the proper way to attracting and keeping customers through the use of Facebook groups.
  • Bonus 3: Image Quotes – Use quotes to increase engagement.
  • Bonus 4: Steps to increasing leads – Getting a strong list of leads.
  • Bonus 5: Trainings on Facebook updates and changes – This is for new-members only.
  • Bonus 6: Facebook group for FBinfluence – This act as support for a member with full access.

FBinfluence Pros

The following are the benefits users can get when using the system:

  • 60 day money back guarantee – The 60 day money back guarantee grants the people to give everything a try first. The time is enough to get through the modules and learn the basic things needed to apply the tools.

    The time is also enough to determine if using the social media site is applicable in getting the business to be promoted and in earning the customers and sales it needs to succeed.

  • Module system – The module system is an efficient way to keep track of the next things to learn. It also enables having a quick reference to each tool whenever a review or a lookup is needed.

  • Bonuses – The 6 bonuses are not just added products, but they are also very useful in maximizing the use of Facebook.

    The modules are enough on their own but having the extra knowledge from the bonuses will really increase the potential of generating leads and sales with the use of Facebook.

  • Support – As part of the bonus, the support comes as a Facebook group. For people who are constantly in need of assistance and support for people who’ve already used the tools before, this is going to be very beneficial.

FBinfluence Cons

Although employing FBinfluence presents a lot of advantages, there are some drawbacks that need to be considered before deciding to learn and use the tools.

  • The courses and modules don’t have different forms of media used for learning – There is nothing wrong with how the knowledge divided and presented however, there are people who expect online videos when purchasing online products or services that require them to learn new concepts and ideas.

  • No integration with other social media sites – Facebook might be the most popular and successful social media site but there are other social networks that have a lot of users as well, and some people would want to make use of it as well.

    FBinfluence is originally intended for Facebook but it would lessen the people’s burden if there was some form of integration with other popular social networks.

  • Learning of social network marketing is required – There are people who expect that there are products and services that can extremely make their lives easier, and with the knowledge that Facebook can be quite complicated, they might expect that FBinfluence will do everything for them.

    When these kinds of people purchase the service, they will most probably take the refund immediately.

Recapitulation Of FBinfluence Review

When something as enormous as Facebook is available to use for getting traffic, leads, and sales, it should never be passed. The life of a business is the possibility of customers and the amount of sales. If the use of Facebook will ensure these, then the social network should definitely be used.

FBinfluence provides the best solution to the proper way of using Facebook. The social network might be user-friendly but it requires a detailed knowledge on online and social marketing concepts to use it for a business.

The module system enables learning of the concepts easier and bearable. The use of the four tools can be easily reviewed using each of the modules.

The number of quality bonuses is enough to decide using FBinfluence. The level of support is also set to be convenient and really relevant since it is formed as a Facebook group. As for the drawbacks, the modules are meant to be read, but there are people who would want to be viewing videos to learn new concepts easily.

There also business owners who would like to make use of other social media sites and having a guide on how to properly do it together with FBinfluence would be a great idea. For some people who think learning is a bore and a waste of time, FBinfluence will definitely not work for them.

However, these drawbacks can simply be overcome by having the open-mind and initiative to learn more for the sake of the success of the business.

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