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  • Mohammed
    September 25
  • Cad Patel
    September 19
  • Hubert
    September 3
  • shermy
    May 15
  • ines
    May 12
  • Faber Cisneros
    May 5
  • Elmer
    March 30
  • Shelley Minard
    March 30
  • lorinda baugher
    March 21
  • douglas rosado
    March 12
  • valentia
    March 10
  • Roberto
    March 4
  • Jyoti Sarmiento
    March 2
  • jaclyn benn
    February 28
  • chrotoem dodson
    February 26
  • Fidelio
    November 10
  • Melanie massey
    August 9
  • Marion
    June 21
  • Arnold joseph
    May 21
  • Lee russell
    March 20
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Email Send Master Pricing

Free Version

A lot of functions are actually limited, that makes this version only for basic testing. It works like unlimited trial version for people that didn't decided yet if they want to go for Email Send Master or not.

You can download it for free
Pro Version

It comes with all paid functions except email autoresponder and also some statistics are permitted with this version. It works very well for individuals or small companies - most popular plan.

$127 one time fee
Elite Version

Elite version is for serious internet marketers or estabilished companies that want only the best from their email marketing.

$197 one time fee
Let us know, if Email Send Master changed pricing!

Advantages of Email Send Master

  • Account Manager

    Manage all your email accounts, get statistics. Don't worry it is very easy to start going with Email Send master.

  • Proxy Support

    Stay anonymous with professional proxy support. It support all kind of private proxies.

  • Autoresponder

    Automatically reply on all incomming messages. It is highly customizable according to your email filters.

  • Subscription List

    Manage your susbcribers with rich reports. So you can avoid sending emails to people that never open your emails or even unsubscribed from your messages.

  • Email Send Master Assurance Email Send Master also comes with free version, that you can try without any commitments.
  • partner program Start advertising Email Send Master in order to earn Up to 50% commissions - more info in partner area.
  • 24/7/365 Help Contact Email Send Master assistance team by email or phone.
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Email Send Master partner program

Partner Program Description

Recommend Email Send Master to your friends and recieve generous 30% commissions of all sales referred by you. Recommend software that actually works's basically win-win situation.


PPS (Pay per sale) - Up to 50% per sale.

Email Send Master Billing

Email Send Master uses Whitehatbox network to manage fees.

when anyone encounters virtually any obstacles:

Starts at $127.00
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