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If you are a blogger who sees blogging as an art, then you know by now that a blog is not an art without a video on it. Videos on your website will allow you to engage with your website visitors.

The more they feel involved with you, the more likely they are to view your blog site and leave positive comments or feedbacks especially if your site is all about business.

Another importance of having videos on your site is that it makes explaining something a whole lot easier than just having to write a long list of instructions or tutorials.

Videos uploaded or embedded in your site can be shared by others through other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. These videos can be your most inexpensive advertising tool. Having videos on your blogs gives you an edge over other bloggers that don’t use videos.

If you are a WordPress blogger, then you badly need a third party video service to add value on your blog content and to increase possible reactions from your audience because video is not an option in WordPress.

There are over thousands of WordPress plugins available which makes it hard to look for the right plugin for the job.

If you are looking for the best video plugin then Easy Video Press is the right thing for you. Easy Video Press is one of the most robust plugins that is used to play videos on WordPress blogs. It supports videos uploaded in Amazon, YouTube, and other video sources.

Recapitulation Of Easy Video Press Review

Easy Video Press is a simple and easy to use plugin with lots of features like embedding YouTube playlist into your WordPress site. It is not sensitive like other plugins because it supports high and low quality of videos.

It has an easy integration with WordPress and can start automatically when the page loads. It offers full screen support which we are all used to and can show multiple videos on a single post or page or any of WordPress new taxonomies.

It supports YouTube playback, YouTube short URLs, and mp3 playback. It can also host videos on your site or even in Amazon S3.

Easy Video Press also allows you more advance usage like customizing and monetizing your videos. It allows you to customize your video player by changing the video control’s colors. It also gives you the freedom to change the sizes of your videos to whatever that looks best for you.

It also provides you the choice to whether automatically hide or show the playback controls. What’s more is that it allows you to redirect to new page when your video, sound, or YouTube playback is finished. Easy Video Press has the share option so you can send your videos to your friends.

Easy Video Press is the best video player for you WordPress website. All of its features can be done by video by video basis. It includes access to Amazon S3 training videos. It also includes 12 months update for free.

Plus, this fantastic plugin is on sale! Get it for more than half of its regular price. Secure your copy now to enhance you WordPress blogging experience.

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