Third Party Content Curation Plugin Review

Content Curation Plugin Overview

When you hear the word “traffic,” it sometimes gives you a negative image due to the experiences that you have on the road. But in the online business world, traffic is a good thing. Traffic is equivalent to income. Hence, if your site can generate more traffic, it means that you can earn lots of cash.

However, creating heavy traffic is quite impossible especially if your website doesn’t have content. But updating your website with fresh content is hard especially if you are managing multiple websites.

Though there are SEO companies that can help you update the content of your website, sometimes, their help is not enough to produce more leads.

If you want to get more traffic to your site, there is this plugin that updates the content of your website by selecting the freshest contents from the hottest websites today.

You don’t need to write articles for every website that you have or hire an SEO company to supply contents. You just need to install this plugin and it will do the tasks for you.

So what is this plugin that this article is talking about? Read it further to know more...

Content Curation Plugin Support

The Content Curation Plugin is a WordPress plugin that provides content to your site. Once the plugin has been installed, it will start to look for fresh contents which will be posted on your website. You just have to tell the niche and it will look for the best contents for your website.

Apart from its great features, the Content Curation Plugin also has a helpful support staff. Their support team will gladly give their helping hand or give your request the moment they have received it. They give their customers a satisfaction that other plugin support team cannot provide.

Content Curation Plugin Pros

The Content Curation Plugin offers several great benefits that you will enjoy using. One of the benefits is it is easy to install. You do not need to become an expert if you want to install it on your blog site.

Another great feature is it allows to select popular contents that your readers will surely enjoy reading. You do not need to waste your time and effort in creating contents for your website. You just have to select the type of your RSS feeds and the content will be posted on your site.

The plugin also provides a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the service, you’ll get a refund.

But the greatest benefit of using the plugin is it will help you increase your ranking faster. The plugin takes the advantage of using the Google’s freshness algorithm that boosts up your page ranking.

Content Curation Plugin Cons

Though the plugin gives numerous benefits, it also gives some drawbacks to the users or to those people who are seeking for the same solution. For one, the Content Curation Plugin is a WordPress plugin. Ergo, you can also use it on WordPress.

Another disadvantage is the plugin relies on the type of RSS feeds that you are using. It cannot also detect which content is good and which is bad. So you need to ensure that the RSS feeds you are using is reliable. You also need to use Google Alerts so you can segregate the content that you will post.

Furthermore, you still need to promote your website even if you have high-quality content. Doing this will increase your traffic to your website.

Finally, the traffic that you will get from this plugin doesn’t give you an assurance that you’ll get more cash.

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