Third Party Clickbank University Review

Clickbank University Overview

Before we explain what Clickbank University is, we should begin with Clickbank itself, in case you’re unfamiliar with it. The company is an online marketplace that specializes in digital information products. However, this marketplace is specifically for connecting those who make the products with those would sell them. This means one of the main demographics Clickbank serves is affiliate marketers—those who make money by marketing other people’s products and then taking a commission. In 2011, Clickbank saw some 1,500,000 of these marketers with at least 100,000 of them being active at any time. That same year, they reported having paid out $1.8 million to affiliates and vendors. This money came from some 35,000 transactions every single day. For their part, Clickbank took in $350 million in revenue. While this should definitely pique your interest, there’s now another component of Clickbank’s business plan. Recently, the company unveiled Clickbank University, with the third incarnation coming this past November. Basically, it serves as a training center that’s aimed at helping people create their own digital info products that they too can sell online. They also offer resources on how to sell other people’s products as an affiliate marketer. Plus, there’s a community aspect that provides extra help and support to those trying to learn the ropes. In many ways, this is an idea long overdue and it’s kind of surprising that sites like eBay and Amazon don’t do the same thing. Clickbank will certainly draw in more revenues by helping people get started on their site. However, they also have a vested in interested in watching these people succeed because it will only serve to make them more money in the end. Although it’s still early days for this newest version of Clickbank University, it’s worth considering whether this program would be a good investment on your part.

Clickbank University Support

One of the coolest parts about this program is that it’s more than just some kind of training manual. Due to its community aspect, real people with real experience can actually reach out to you and answer your questions.

As you’ll undoubtedly come up with more of them in the future, you don’t have to worry about a new manual getting published at some point down the road. Instead, just come back to the community with a number question. Of course, aside from peers in the industry, there are also designated “experts” who have proven themselves and Clickbank staff members too.

Clickbank University Pros

Like we just mentioned, one of the best parts of Clickbank University is that it offers you that community aspect, so you can potentially get immediate responses to the problems you have as they come. Just spending time in the forums will help you dodge a lot of problems before they even happen. Perhaps the biggest advantage, though, is that this system is coming right from the horse’s mouth. If you go on Amazon, you’ll find thousands of books on ecommerce, many of which will either be dedicated to Clickbank or at least talk about it in detail. However, those books can only go into so much detail. They don’t have a bird’s eye view, for example. They can only see from their unique vantage point. Imagine if Google came out with a book that just flat out told you how to get the number one position in their search results. That would be more valuable than the Rosetta stone. That’s what Clickbank University is a lot like. Clickbank has pulled back the curtain and offered a lot of valuable information that only they could have access to. There is no lack of information either. Between all the videos and literature, you’ll have a lot of work ahead of you if you think you’ll ever get through all of it. Plus, more is always being published. The information is good for beginners and intermediates as well which is nice. It’s also good to see what an emphasis Clickbank has put on the importance of product creation. This is a component of ecommerce too many glaze right over as if it’s somehow the easiest part of the equation. Figuring out how to create a product to sell is essential and can bring in all kinds of money once you’re able to master it.

Clickbank University Cons

While it’s awesome that they have that active community, the problem is that, at least in these early days, it wasn’t particularly active with actual Clickbank employees. There were some experts and a number of people also looking to use Clickbank University to make money, but without having authority figures there to answer questions, the program loses some of its luster. As I mentioned, this program will probably be very helpful for beginners. However, intermediates will probably see a lot of this information is too basic for them. The literature that is helpful to them will most likely run out pretty quickly too and soon not be worth the money. A major drawback at first was that the price for this program was $97. Today, it’s been reduced to $47 which makes a lot more sense. However, when you’re just getting started in ecommerce, that can be a lot of overhead to spend that could go to all kinds of other costs. Furthermore, the company offers a trial period for just $1. The problem is that so much of the information you want to look at is locked when you’re on trial terms. This doesn’t do much to help you make a decision. Now even that may sound reasonable, but here’s where things get kind of weird: if you spend the $47 a month, you still won’t get all the information Clickbank University has to offer. They’ll only “unlock” it over time as they see fit. Presumably, they do this in an attempt to get you to spend $297 on a Premier Account that will last you the entire year. Although that represents a serious discount compared to the $564 you’d otherwise have to spend, it’s a lot to pay all at once and you can’t be sure if it will be worth it for your unique needs.
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