Third Party Cinipac Review

Cinipac Overview

Cinipac has already been in the market for more or less 4 years already. It is particularly an anonymous hosting company that offers security and privacy when it comes to providing communications and web hosting solutions.

Based on its historical portfolio, CINIPAC had been keen on providing their high quality service in the high profiled or the higher end market. However now, they are now slowly delving in the LEB market. In fact, CINIPAC has now started already started to venture in a newer VPS node which is quite a promising web host solution for their clients.

CINIPAC is very much keen on providing top offshore services. It has a cPanel setting and that they believe that backup is one important and vital feature in every site that needs web hosting. When it comes to their payment, their payment system is safe and secure. In fact, you don’t have to worry about having to put your finances at risk with its impressive anonymous payment.

Furthermore, they put first priority on security and anonymity. While it is true that this is one of the factors that most sites would consider for their web hosting services, CINIPAC ensures that this should be of their top most concern.

Surely, a lot of business sects and online entrepreneurs would want security when it comes to having the freedom of unrestricted language content. Not that one should employ illegality but it is one of deterrents to building a good site due to restricted freedom of speech.

Cinipac Support

The best thing about CINIPAC is that it does not hold back when it comes to allowing web owners to be given the freedom of speech and expression which is somehow controlled in most web hosting companies.

CINIPAC provides a worldwide offshore server that is only keen to having an anonymous and a very stable webhosting features. It is very much safe that allows you full protection from data snatchers and the strictness of the law.

It further advocates the very latest version of Zend, Apache, PHP in order to ensure optimum performance. So far, it has already hosted 59 sites and has already been the popular domain host in Romania and Netherlands.

Cinipac Pros

The first benefit that you may be able to have from CINIPAC is that it has the best hosting packages. Particularly powered by cPanel, their web space packages are only ensured with optimum quality and security as cPanel is considered to be the best type of control panel that is available for all web spaces.

Secondly, it gives much importance on back up. We can never predict when is our site going to crash or shut down given a number of possible reasons. With this, CINIPAC ensures to also put much security on site backups as well. While it may be good that your site is being hosted offshore, such might be useless if the backup does not enjoy the same benefit.

In addition, CINIPAC also gives importance on the security and safety features for the benefit of the site. Thus, in this case, it would really much help if a certain web hosting company would be able to make a particular search in which you don’t have to worry about the legalities that you might be encroaching against.

This company gives you the freedom to operate on a list of links without you ever having to be responsible for each link provided in the list.

Cinipac Cons

Considering the fact that CINIPAC provides no holds barred when it comes to legalities as freedom of expression and speech is highly advocated in this web host company, one would have to wonder as ot what is really allowed in this offshore hosting provider.

The common impact that may result from here would still be the common repercussions that might be facing on matters with regards to possible violation of rights due to excessive freedom of expression.

On a related aspect, possible abuse might rise from their web support functions. There is however a resiliency on the part of the company CINIPAC as it is very much adamant on its advocacy to put importance on freedom of spec. While it may be true that they do not provide any sort of information especially to third parties, they still face some legal issues.

They may be receiving various court orders especially from other countries with regards to possible violation of rights. However, they make it very clear though that they will never accommodate them and that they will simply ignore these court orders on the ground that they believe that privacy is the basic human right and they have that duty to fulfill it.

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