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The best exchange rates to convert BTC into ETH the fastest way.

Changelly has free & open registrations and has an active affiliate program.

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  • Robin Klein
    January, 23
  • Carl
    November, 16
  • Jorge George
    April, 23
  • Roy
    April, 21
  • Delphia
    August, 18
  • Alan Stewart
    August, 10
  • Maryalice
    July, 24
  • Dorthea
    March, 30
  • Debi
    March, 01
  • Johnathan James
    January, 26
  • Daniella
    December, 07
  • Erline
    October, 07
  • Telma
    August, 04
  • Carlos Ward
    June, 23
  • John
    March, 30
  • Mavis
    March, 12
  • Chu
    October, 04
  • Dyan
    August, 13
  • Samuel Murphy
    May, 01
  • Almeta
    February, 21
  • Morris
    February, 21
  • Hector Washington
    July, 26
  • Brandon Morgan
    May, 19
  • Cherrie
    January, 28
  • Aleta
    January, 25
  • Jerry
    January, 22
  • Ryan Peterson
    December, 09
  • Tobias
    October, 12
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  • Voltairine Antea Linnell
    November, 01
  • Przemek Probe
    January, 01
  • Marcos Porto
    November, 12
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Learn more about Changelly

Changelly Fees

Transactions Fees

When it comes to transactions or exchanges fee, then the fees vary from coin to coin. It may range between 0.01 to 0.5% per transaction and you should check individually for each coin specifically.

from 0.01 to 0.5% fee
Withdrawal Fees

Changelly is charging you 0.5% fee whenever you withdraw your money / cryptocurrencies out of Changelly cryptocurrency exchange. Their "reasonable" fee is always fair and stable.

0.5% fixed fee
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Advantages of Changelly

  • Instant Crypto ExchangeYou can instantly buy any cryptocurrency from their listed coins and send it directly to your cold wallet / other cryptocurrency exchange without excessive waiting.
  • Accept Debit/Credit CardsWhen it comes to purchasing your desire cryptocurrencies, you can actually pay with your debit/credit card. Do you know the fastest way to enter the crypto world outside Changelly ?
  • Fast TransactionsEvery transaction and exchange is actually happening in the real time. You will receive your desire cryptocurrency within a few minutes (it depends on Blockchain load & unconfirmed transactions).
  • TrustworthyThe biggest factor that turns people away from crypto exchanges and generally away from cryptocurrencies is lack of the trust. Changelly was founded in 2015 and it's already trusted with the biggest crypto-related websites in the world.
  • Multiple USD pairsOther Changelly competitors allow you to buy with your credit/debit card only the most popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin. But with Changelly you can buy almost every coin (that they support) with your USD card.
  • affiliate programStart advertising Changelly in order to collect 50% revenue share - more info in affiliate section.
  • Very popular choiceOne of the best selections from cryptocurrency exchanges category. And still, the interest is increasing.
  • Responsive SupportEverybody needs sometime a helping hand, this multiplies when it comes to cryptocurrency and you are new to this kind of industry. Changelly support is super responsive and you will recieve 5 stars support servie.
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Changelly affiliate program

Partner Program Description

Promote Changelly - one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world that accepts credit cards for depsit and earn great 50% revenue share from your direct referrals.


Revenue sharing - Up to 50% from referrals fees.

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