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Quite a lot of affiliates wants to promote ClickBank products in order to get their respective commission, but lacks the means to get started. In turn, CBPress was mostly made for the sake of better affiliation marketing management.

More to the point, the CBEngine Team made the site and the entire program to make affiliate marketing a more streamlined experience for everyone! The CBPress website came about because people wanted more than blueprints or PPC-aided methods of driving traffic to affiliate sites so that they could get their share of the money.

CBPress.com is able to stand out from its competition by having a more user-friendly way to deal with affiliate marketing that most any beginner can appreciate without being bogged down by endless tutorials and how-to articles.

CBPress.com is a single product niche website that’s SEO optimized and professionally built in a way that makes it more than worthy to compete in traffic against other methods of getting people started in terms of maximizing their chances of delivering affiliate traffic.

You can rest assured that unlike Squidoo, electronic magazine articles, and other social content networks, CBPress would never set limits on what you can promote as an affiliate, thus ensuring the maximum amount of financial windfall to come your way.

Those other tactics when it comes to affiliate marketing aren’t up to snuff exactly because they can’t be relied upon in terms of stability. With CBPress.com, you can depend on it (or your money back). It’s really that simple.

CBPress Support

Support from CBPress comes in the form of emails (that is, signing up to their mailing list with http://cbpress.com/connect), web form messages and whatnot at http://support. cbpress.com, and interacting with them through social media.

They have a Google+ page, plus the CBEngine developers can be contacted through CBEngine.com as well as on Facebook, on Twitter, and on YouTube. What this means is that if you have any issues, problems, questions, and concerns about the CBPress program, there’s more than one way to contact them all throughout the site.

Besides which, there are Facebook messages and Twitter tweets you can send to make sure they’re reached. Their YouTube videos are open to comments and suggestions as well.

CBPress Pros

There are many advantages with going the CBPress.com route, chief among them its ability to instantly create a full ClickBank affiliate marketplace by simply adding a CBPress.com short code to any WordPress page you want to use as a landing page for your operations.

As you can plainly see, the great thing about CBPress is its quite versatile when handling your affiliate marketing needs. Furthermore, it’s easy to use and inexpensive as a method of managing content in the context of affiliation. With this site and its software programs, your WordPress and ClickBank affiliates can get promoted in a cheap and easy manner.

Most other affiliate programs are associated with ClickBank in one way or another, mostly as a means of networking with possible companies for affiliation purposes so that you can deliver to them the traffic and visitors they crave for in exchange for per-commission payment in accordance to how much traffic you give them.

CBPress doesn’t require you to learn how to design and code either; everything’s ready-made and ready-to-use. You won’t have to hire programmers to build you expensive yet ineffective websites. Instead, you can present your content and your traffic-catching landing pages full of material in thousands of CBPress.com WordPress blog templates that are proven hits among users.

CBPress Cons

Unlike e-zine articles and Squidoo usage, the CBPress.com method of affiliate traffic engagement can be quite expensive.

Sure, it borders on cost-effectiveness and circles back to affordable, but for people who are used with using, say, PPC or social content networks on advertising while not being limited by the restrictions, CBPress might seem like an unnecessary expense in terms of promotion.

Then again, to be quite frank, CBPress.com has a lot of similarities to other methods of maximizing your affiliate commission in terms of templates and automated online marketing through affiliate networks. It does several things different, but otherwise it’s the same format.

If you’re willing to spend money on a program that requires you to plunk in dollars to, for example, monetize your content with a ClickBank ID or learn how to utilize the ClickBank formula through their terms instead of, for example, letting Google AdWords drive traffic effectively to affiliate websites and sharing profits by paying AdWords for their benefits, then use CBPress.

It’s really more about WordPress templates and getting thousands of hoplinks when it comes to CBPres.com and driving traffic to affiliate websites. If you can’t wrap your head about this yet again new way of doing the same old thing (driving traffic for commissions for affiliates), then you should opt out on using CBPress.com.

Recapitulation Of CBPress Review

There isn't much to complain about when it comes to the CBPress.com website and its offerings.

It's somewhat a cut out of the same cloth of certain automated affiliate marketing packages and blueprints for commission building on your affiliate marketing networks, but otherwise, it's quite dependable and delivers on its promises when it comes to quality affiliation content.

More to the point, you can rely on CBPress when it comes to getting hoplinks by combining WordPress with CBPress.com for the ultimate method of increasing click flow for the sake of sales and commissions on your part, no matter which side of the affiliation market you're on.

Everything has been streamlined for your convenience with an open-source content management system

You can be the one paying ClickBank for surefire affiliate traffic juice, or you can be a user networking with affiliates to get commissions on the traffic you give to them. No longer will you need programmers to make you your websites.

You can instead have customizable products, categories, titles, and descriptions included in your CBPress package at http://cbpress.com/. Click, choose, and manage. That's all you really need to do as you get your money almost automatically the more you learn about the nature of affiliate marketing moneymaking.

What's more, quite a lot of WordPress affiliates would want to network with you and thousands of others while paying you accordingly on how good you perform. You get paid in accordance to the work you put in, no more and no less.

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