Third Party Blog Defender Review

Blog Defender Overview

Of all the most feared menace in world of online business and entrepreneurship are the looting hackers. They would break into your site and steal valuable information or they would just break in and destroy everything that you have worked hard for.

In the past few years a lot of reports came in and there were thousands of WordPress sites that are attacked by hackers. These hackers have entered a DDOS on their WordPress sites and began eating their bandwidths until they could no longer access the site then eventually crash down.

Blog owners are suffering and are down deep in despair. That is why the blog defender existed.

What Is Blog Defender ?

The blog defender was created to combat or counteract any hacker’s attack on your blog site. As you can see the most important aspect of blogging is collecting and gathering traffic. Hackers would love to loot on your traffic and redirect them to the site that they want.

This is where the blog defender comes in. they would mitigate the incoming attack that hackers would activate and protect your site from being looted by hackers and would keep your precious traffic in place.

What it can do for your Wordpress site ?

It helps protect your WordPress blog site by preventing it to be seen by hackers. That is the primary protection that it can produce for your site, the least yet the most effective.

Once the hackers will have access to your website or if your website will be broadcasted to hackers, you will expect that they will eventually decode and expose the script of your site and then bombard it with DDOS or direct denial of service.

The DDOS is like a machine gun that bombards your bandwidths on multiple areas and eventually leaves your site non-functional. Many have experienced this kind of trauma and some would not want to experience it again that is why they started to use the blog defender’s simple procedures.

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