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  • Clelia
    October 2
  • Amalie
    June 14
  • Aurelia
    June 9
  • Nicky
    June 1
  • Hedvige
    May 20
  • Bevvy
    May 17
  • CZMadman
    May 17
  • Cordie
    May 15
  • Sissy
    May 13
  • Orelie
    May 11
  • Adele
    May 2
  • Fierer
    April 27
  • Zenia
    April 21
  • Renaud
    March 27
  • Kathi McKonny
    March 22
  • Gawen
    March 7
  • Sonnie
    March 1
  • Micky
    December 23
  • Marcene
    December 21
  • Benny
    September 25
  • Osborne
    August 28
  • Gabby
    July 13
  • Cherly
    April 12

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Affgadgets Team's AVChat Review


AVChat is leading video chat software that can be installed on any website without any programming skills. You can create membership sites and sell your video streams to your visitors. There is also possibility to monetize your website with instant messenger or even your personal live video streams.


Very easy to integrate with popular CMS like Wordpress or Joomla even without any programming skills. A lot of possibilities how to make money with this video chat software together with quality (very fast responding) support - it's really nice choice for anyone who would like to create own video streaming website.


AVChat may seems like very expensive tool if you need unlimited users at the same time feature ($799 feature) and in our opinion any "serious" project will need eventually this feature.


Great script for small business that don't want to spend thousands of dollars to actually run own video streaming website. AVChat also comes with 15 days trial, so we recommend to try AVChat free trial before you decide to purchase full version.

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AVChat Prices

AVChat Software

Basic AVChat video chat sofware costs from $130 (depends how many simultaneous users you want). When you want bigger package, you just pay the difference. It also comes with 3 free month of tech support and allows you to use on 3 domains.

from $130
Integration Kits

AVChat also comes with wordpress, phpfox and many more integration kits. You can use this group video chat software with your favourite cms or service with these integration kits that costs $49 or more.

from $49
Extra Services

You can also order additional services to your chat software ..available services are for example mobile optimization (aka mobile version for your users), security service and more!

from $59
Let us know, if AVChat change pricing!

Why AVChat ?

  • UnlimitedThere is no limit how many video streams or chat you will run at the same time. It all depends on your bandwidth limits.
  • Private & PublicYou can easily decide if your video streams will be public or private. You can very easily make users pay to view your streams.
  • ThemesAVChat has already two themes that you can choose from - light and dark theme. Also it is very easy to customize them or create your own.
  • Mobile FriendlyAVChat comes with pre-installed mobile friendly version. Attract mobile visitors with professional mobile responsive website.
  • Rich Text ChatUsers or visitors have full control of their chat under your video streams. From emoticons to reporting other users, there are 10s of features that make your website unique.
  • EncryptingWhen it comes to security, AVChat is one step a head - you can choose to encrypt everythin and protect your data & users.
  • AVChat InsuranceAVChat offers 15 days trial without any commitments.
  • referral program Begin advertising AVChat in order to gain 25% commissions - more details in affiliate area.
  • 24 Hours A Day Assistance Get in touch with AVChat assistance team by email .
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AVChat referral program

Recommend AVChat or any NuSoft product to your clients, customers or even friends and recieve very nice 25% commissions on every sale you will refer.

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AVChat Billing

AVChat uses Avangate to handle fees.

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