Third Party AutoBlogSamurai Review

AutoBlogSamurai Overview

Social networking has always started with blogging. This is the process in which people have posted their thoughts and skills in the internet. There were no photos included in these blogs so all of them are purely based on the writer’s ideas, events and even lifestyle.

Today, blogging is something more than that. People may be posting fewer words and fewer paragraphs but they still give out a lot of meaning just like before.

There are so many uses of blogs including the social media that we have today. Some people are using it just to live their passion, some people are using it to connect to other people and there are even some people who are actually using it for business.

This is done by filling the articles with backlinks so that people will have a way to go to the main site easily. This process will also increase the website’s ranking in the search engine’s list of top websites based on the niche or main idea of that site.

In turn, the site with the highest ranking will appear in the top of the search engine results once a related keyword is searched. This is very important to many businesses because psychology has proven that people will more likely trust the first one that comes in the list.

This is actually a business called search engine optimization or SEO. Their job is basically to improve the ranking of a certain website in the internet and especially the search engines.

There are a lot of people who are signing up for their services which makes it a really flourishing industry in the world of technology. The fact that many businesses still do not have enough exposure they will likely need an SEO professional.

AutoBlogSamurai Support

SEO is composed of a team of writers, but there is a great way in order to have this team all on your own and that is the use of auto blog software like AutoBlogSamurai. This is a web based software application that can create articles based on a selected niche.

You can also expect that the articles will always contain factual information since all the information that it will get will come from trusted sources in the internet. On top of that, the use of this software is being sold for a very competitive price plus 24 hour report.

This means that you will be able to work on your own without contacting SEO professionals.

AutoBlogSamurai Pros

The best thing about this software is that it will allow you to create a lot of articles in a very fast and efficient way. This will always be faster compared to real life SEO professionals so you can work on other things in you spare time.

By using this, you will allow the software to work for you depending on the topic that you allowed it to use. You can also start asking some businessmen to let them sign up for your service.

With this process, you can start earning money by literally not doing anything. All you have to do is to click and the software will do the rest. You will be your own SEO, and this will be the ultimate dream of writers – they earn while doing what they want like blogging.

Another benefit is the fact that you would not need a thorough understanding of the processes and theories behind SEO. Even beginners will be able to go around this if they would research a little bit about the topic and spend the money to buy the software.

This will allow them to have an extra income just by the fact that they are blogging about something, or not.

AutoBlogSamurai Cons

The product description and all the advertisements will say that the AutoBlogSamurai will create unique and factual articles. But who in the world actually checked the quality of these articles. As of today, no computer has been that intelligent.

There are no computers yet that are capable of conjuring a really powerful artistic capability as that of humans and to consider robots to have that kind of intelligence is just really large leap.

If we are going to study all the articles produced by the software, it will be evident that they are not unique and there are a lot of excerpts from other sites, not to mention the quality is not in any way good.

The process that was done was to copy and excerpt and reverses it in the next article. Once you start making more articles, you will end up looking at two identical ones. This means that it was not really unique and it was not produced by a human being so it is basically just another trick of modern technology.

However, in fairness to that software, they may not be that creative but they sure are effective when it comes to creating backlinks and making the website shine. This means that the only downside is the quality of the articles.

Recapitulation Of AutoBlogSamurai Review

We can definitely say that the AutoBlogSamurai will be very beneficial since there are so many things that can be done with it. On top of that, it also has a dedicated support team in which anyone can help out.

This will make the service more satisfying. The only problem is the fact that this will always ask for a fee and the software does not really charge something for free.

On top of that, this will not produce real and genuine articles. These ones may be grammatical and logical but who knows some of these articles has some part of her, or his or his or whatever. The articles that will be made will solely be for money and not necessarily quality.

This will now be the time when the purpose of blogging will, or should come into mind. If you would want to write for the quality of the articles then you should start reading and write your own articles. However, if you would want money then this software will definitely work out to be more than just fine.

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