Third Party Article Video Robot Review

Article Video Robot Overview

This Article Video Robot review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.

Article Video Robot is software that can turn your plain and simple article into a video. It offers a great advantage for people who want to create a video for their marketing needs but lack of enough skills to do it.

By using this software you can have a video complete with animation, graphics, music and a voice over which is according to what is in your article which will be heard simultaneously while your video is playing.

Everything of it is possible with just one click of your mouse. Your marketing video will be set up for you without any difficulty.

You can choose from among six styles of videos. You dont need to use any camera and you wont have to do any editing for everything will be laid out and presented to you completely.

You have the option to pick the most suitable video style that will fit to the product or the image that you want to portray in order to gain a lot of traffic on your website. Another advantage of this software is it automatically shares your video in different social networking sites.

This software has a bonus tool called Video Submit Robot which is the one responsible in submitting your videos to social sites such as Facebook, Slideshare and of course in Youtube and other several sites thus increasing your visibility in the internet and this is really great for your product and business.

Videos are more than likely to attract people to your website as most of them prefer watching than merely reading text articles.

Article Video Robot Support

Using the software is simple and easy and if you will have the same problem with regard to its usage and everything that is not clear to you.

You could just go to their website and there are a lot of self-help questions that will teach you on what you should do like how will you be able to convert your text article into a video, how can you put voice over and anything that is related to it.

However, if you have other questions which cannot be answered there, you could just directly contact their customer service anytime through their email.

Article Video Robot Pros

Article Video Robot has a lot to offer you especially if you are just a beginner in the world of internet advertising and internet marketing which is the most trending way of promoting products and services nowadays.

It relieves you from the difficulty of thinking how you are going to promote your products, your website to a wide number of people in such a way that will easily catch their attention.

It just not make your woven article into a sound but a moving sound with graphics and images which will leave an impression to those who will view your videos.

We know for a fact that images seen leave a mark on peoples mind and also the sounds that they hear. This is why videos are great tools in promoting ones brand and ideas that you want others to know.

Article Video Robot will help you to achieve your goal in making your site popular by sharing your videos to several popular video social sharing sites like Youtube and you have an option on which sites you prefer to share them.

You may also download your articles into a PowerPoint presentation. You can even share it to Digg and Reddit where there is a lot of traffic.

Article Video Robot Cons

While Article Video Robot has a lot of advantages, there are quite a few cons which you may encounter when using the software. Though it could be easy to use the instant upload there could be times when the file would not turn into the right format so you would need to copy and paste it in order to upload your article.

With regard to the choices of voice for your voice over, there are voices that are incomprehensible or either too low that you can barely listen to the sound and there are some that have pitch which is uneasy to ones ears.

One thing that can be considered a con is with regard to the distribution of your videos and its link to different social sharing sites. But of course this is applicable only for people who are not yet visible in the internet.

Meaning to say, if you are not yet a member of those social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Digg, Reddit, Slide Share and other sites, it would really take your time to register with those sites so you can be able to share your article video.

You have no choice if youre not yet a member of them because this is how youre going to increase your traffic.


Recapitulation Of Article Video Robot Review

Over all, Article Video Robot has more benefits to offer that its advantages since these advantages can be solved with some solutions and its doable. This software is highly recommended for people who are not technology savvy especially for beginners who are first timers to manage their marketing in the internet.

The setting up of the software is simple and easy to understand notwithstanding the price of it is reasonable and worth it.

You can use your own pictures in setting up your video article and at the same time if you dont have any you could just pick from out of the so many stock pictures the software offers to match with the video that you are going to make.

You can use it on your laptop as well as on your mobile phones which is very handy as you can do it anywhere and anytime you please.

You can choose seven sounding voices for your video which are already incorporated in the software, otherwise you can also use your own voice. However, some of those voices might not fit or ones that you might not like as some are too tiny, too low or has accent that you can barely understand the word it says.

If youve already registered with lots of social networking sites that allow sharing of videos, it would be an advantage for you because you will no longer need to do so once your video article is ready for sharing.

Their customer support system is also commendable in giving immediate response to inquiries and assistance requests.

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