Third Party App Dev Empire Review

App Dev Empire Overview

The world of mobility today is dominated by the fact that it is filled with mobile applications. These are the things that basically allow us to make tasks and play games and do almost anything we want with the mobile gadgets that we have today.

These applications are created by brilliant programmers who dedicate themselves in making a better mobile and digital planet. Without these things, the mobile gadgets that we have would not have anything to do aside from sending and receiving messages or calls.

The release of Google’s android OS and Apple’s iOS actually perfected the idea of mobility. These gadgets made us do almost anything we want from taking pictures to connecting the people to the internet.

The programmers also allowed the people to play several games that were first thought to be possible only at desktops and laptops. These games were specifically programmed to be in line with its target operating system so the people could access them without any problems.

The business of programming games and several apps for Androids and iOS phones is actually a very successful business. Just imagine how many games and apps are coming out every day in App Store and Google Play.

These ones may be downloaded for free but many of them are being sold by skilled programmers.

App DevEmpire Support

There is a problem with this business and that is the number of programmers who are trying to get the big break just like the one made by the programmers of Temple Run and Angry Birds. The competition is very tight so many programmers are leaving the business of creating a game and an app for iOS and android.

On top of that, there are so many games and apps that are created before so the modern day programmers are having a problem with the patent. They cannot just release an app that will actually lead to a very humiliating lawsuit. The good news came in the gold rush of android just like the one made by Apple several years back.

App DevEmpire Pros

AppDevEmpire is a crash course that will develop the skill of young programmers to be the one who will make the next big app. The main benefit of this one is that the young programmers will not have to compete with the large programming companies like Electronic Arts and Capcom.

All they have to do is to submit their apps to App DevEmpire and they will publish the App in Google Play in less than an hour. This means that if there are any patent disputes, Google will be the one to fight for it.

People who do not have any skill or experience in app development can also apply for this crash course because this will teach everything people would need in order to develop an app.

People would not have to be skilled programmers or take some outside courses in order to develop something for the contribution to the digital world. The syllabus of the crash course is available in the website and people can check them out in order to be convinced.

Google will also provide the software to the users for the development of the app. The best thing about it is that they will not ask for anything in return. It is totally free compared to the process made by Apple several years ago using the device called Xcode.

Google uses eclipse, and it’s free as long as you sign up.

App DevEmpire Cons

If we are going to base this upon the history of the app gold rush, we will see that this gold rush will not last for long. The same thing happened with Apple when they had enough. Another downside is the fact that the people who will see this development will more likely sign up too.

This means that you would have a lot of competition on the side. This will lessen the possibility of your app to be considered as the best, not to mention the programming giants like Electronic Arts. In line with this fact, we should also consider the idea of promotion.

If Google would promote one app then all the others would complain. The only thing Google could do is to promote everything which is like no promotion at all.

At the end of the day, if you would want your app to get famous then you should be the one to pay Google some extra to promote your game. And you get income almost the same as that of the money that you are paying for the promotion.

The most blatant downside is the idea of a concept. With all the games that are coming out today, the one that will most likely succeed is the one with the best concept.

And with all the people who are actually skilled in this development and the programming side of the world, great concepts will most likely come out from their group. You will end up creating games that merely exists to allow the others to stand out.

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