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Anybits is a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Europe which supports BTC & ETH trading pairs. Anybits is an altcoins platform from Bitsane cryptocurrency exchange.

Anybits has free & open registrations and has an active affiliate program.

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  • Doris
    September, 14
  • Ming
    July, 14
  • Cheryl
    June, 12
  • Todd Reed
    April, 30
  • Felicia Strickland
    April, 22
  • Albina
    April, 13
  • Angelique Harter
    March, 15
  • Roger
    January, 20
  • Tiera
    November, 02
  • Varuni Bajpeyi
    November, 01
  • Marilynn
    October, 08
  • John Sanchez
    August, 21
  • Devora
    July, 24
  • Diane
    July, 14
  • Julian Todd
    June, 20
  • Hunter Hallman
    June, 06
  • Tod
    May, 26
  • Mila
    May, 09
  • Cornelia
    April, 28
  • Daniel M.
    March, 15
  • Deadra
    February, 15
  • Dorotha
    January, 20
  • Ragoba Valimbe
    November, 27
  • Drew
    August, 23
  • Azhar
    August, 21
  • Gregory Butler
    January, 12
  • Randy Wood
    December, 24
  • Rhitanshu Badakar
    October, 30
  • Terrence
    October, 10
  • Celine
    July, 29
  • Brianna
    July, 11
  • David Perry
    May, 31
  • Ryannew
    March, 08
  • Prakash Jadhav
    February, 16
  • Aman Limbu
    January, 25
  • Maggie Cooper
    November, 20
  • Kayla
    November, 10
  • Bobby
    November, 05
  • Hubert
    July, 31
  • Kris
    May, 07
  • Bettye
    May, 02
  • Minerva
    February, 07
  • Abhinav Parekh
    December, 24
  • Wayne Jones
    November, 22
  • Chanda
    November, 09
  • Esther Ballard
    November, 04
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  • Daniël Zwiers
    September, 05
  • Daniel Gaertner
    November, 05
  • Haley Mcdaniel
    September, 05
  • April Davids
    November, 05
  • Alba Malkovich
    November, 05
  • Rachel Wong
    September, 05
  • Antonio Salvari
    November, 05
  • Dierk Beck
    December, 05
  • Luiza Luiza
    October, 05
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Affgadgets Team Reviewing Anybits


Anybits is professional exchange powered by popular exchange Bitsane. Volume is slowly increasing over time and more & more traders are comming to trade on this platform.


If we skip the part that it's powered by huge cryptocurrency exchange, then we should mention great mobile friendly dashboard, fantastic support and really fast withdrawals. Plus the navigation is really simple even for starting traders.


When it comes to visual part of the project, then Anybits is not another fancy crypto exchange with their "old" design. Also sometimes verifications (according to some feedbacks we recieved over time) take a little bit more time.


Anybits is new crypto exchange with great support and very well working API for developers. We will definitely hear about this cryptocurrency exchange more often in the future.

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Anybits Fees & Costs

Exchange Fees

If you decide to trade & exchange your cryptocurrencies on Anybits, then you should know that there are 0.15 - 0.25% fees for every trade you make on their platform.

Maker fees - 0.15% & Taker fees - 0.25%
Withdrawal Fees

When you decide to withdraw your altcoins to your cold wallet or to any other exchange, there is minimal fee 0.0001 BTC for every withdrawal you make.

Minimal fee is 0.0001 BTC
Let us know, if Anybits changed something!

Why Anybits?

  • SecurityAnybits store all our cryptocurrencies in their cold wallet - together with enhanced security for your profile, it's pretty good storage of your assets.
  • Clear InterfaceWhen it comes how the platform is user-friendly, then Anybits is truly made for all kind of traders - even for beginners that have no experiences with cryptocurrencies at all.
  • Fast TradingAll your trades are executed instantly without any delays. Also, you don't have to worry about any kind of "flash crashes".
  • affiliate programStart marketing Anybits and get 20% commissions on all transaction fees your referral generates - even more info in affiliate area.
  • Anybits is becoming much more popularA plenty of people customers are actually recommending Anybits, the interest is growing.
  • SupportUsually they respond their tickets within a few hours with professional tone. Their support trully deserve 5 stars.
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Anybits affiliate program

Partner Program Description

Start promoting Anybits cryptocurrency exchange and recieve 20% commissiosn on all transaction fees your referrals generate plus you recieve 1-10 eur for each deposit your referrals make.


Revenue sharing - Up to 20% from referrals fees.

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