Third Party Affiliate Power Group Review

Affiliate Power Group Overview

The Affiliate Power Group was created by Ken Troyer and Suzanne Morrison. They started exploring affiliate marketing in 2004. After a few years, they have managed the art of making money through this business model. As a result, their business boomed instantaneously.

The goal of this business venture is to be able to help other people, who are still struggling to make ends meet. According to the proponents, they need credible and reliable people in order to make this venture work.

As a result, they are in a constant search for those who have the right attitude and determination to reach financial success.

What does this do? How will you earn from this? What are the requirements in order to start this business? The Affiliate Power Group is a tried and tested business solution that enables you to practice affiliate marketing. It is a system that allows you to earn money by building an affiliate site.

You will use this website as a platform to attract your particular target market. You get paid based on the performance as well as the results that you produce. Your site will endorse a number of products that you are willing to market.

Once people find them interesting, they will click on the link that you provide. A simple click of a mouse button can generate earnings for you. You can earn more if the consumers actually buy the product. You will receive a percentage of the total sales of the product. Therefore, you can consider this as a passive income.

Affiliate Power Group Support

APG does not have any 24/7 customer support or help desk. Instead, you can contact them whenever you have any questions or problems regarding their products or services. If you encounter a particular problem or inquiry, you can simply click on their knowledge database and search for a keyword related to your problem.

Their system will generate the results related to your search. However, if you cannot find the answers or solutions that you are looking for, you could send them a ticket. Simply fill out the form and hit the send button. They will answer your tickets within 24 hours.

Affiliate Power Group Pros

The company aims to help people who want to earn more money than they are currently earning. For an initial fee of one dollar, you get to try their trial for fourteen days. Once you are satisfied with their products and services, you can continue with your membership.

You get to enjoy a series of benefits that will help you reach your financial goals. Once you have made a full payment, you can start learning and understanding the whole process of online marketing.

Its Internet Marketing Learning Center teaches their students through a detail video tutorial. These videos tackle various topics such as SEO, pay per click advertising, WordPress, content and article writing, online marketing and many more.

The videos also teach new members the importance of finding a niche market. This is will be their primary or target market. Each of their marketing activities are geared or designed specifically for their chosen target market.

These instructional videos will teach them how to discover a potentially profitable market as well as how to utilize their potential. One of the best features of this system is that the mentors are very keen on providing as well as sharing their knowledge about online marketing.

Since they have reached their success through the Internet, they want to share what they know in order for other people to achieve their success. A dollar is considered as a small investment in order to acquire the skills of an experienced affiliate marketer. You could always revoke your membership if you are not satisfied.

Affiliate Power Group Cons

There are a lot of existing affiliate marketing companies that exist today. APG will have a hard time competing with these companies if they cannot direct their markets attention towards them. The idea is also new for people who are used to the traditional way of earning money.

If the person they are talking to is closed-minded, they will have a hard time communication their mission and vision to them. Therefore, the company should inform their audience well in order to entice them into joining the business venture.

Even if APG only charges a dollar for their initial fee, they will charge $19.95 a month if you like their products and services. Compared to its competitors, APG’s monthly dues are too much. Some affiliate marketing companies only charge a one-time payment. Therefore, this puts the company in a disadvantageous situation.

Another drawback is that the users have to pay additional money if they want to access their niche affiliated websites. APG normally sells them for $97 but they will provide you with a 35% discount. Some users may find this a little too much because they have to pay more money on top of their monthly fees.

Lastly, the whole system may seem too simple and requires manual work. The users will only receive various instructional videos and they have to learn from there.

Although the proponents and mentors are very helpful, the users may still find it hard to understand the system if they are not educated properly. This may cause them to lose faith in the product.

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