Editor's Acme Feedback Review

Have you ever wondered why your website isn’t generating any sales when in fact you have huge amount of traffic? Have you ever considered the thought that the site has something wrong with it? But how will you know?

Undeniably, many online businesses are struggling with the inability of generating good sales because of some reasons. Many visitors go visit a site without even doing anything or taking action, it just adds up bandwidth.

In order to solve this, Dan Nickerson and Mark Widawer created the ACME Feedback, a plugin especially designed for WordPress.

These plugin is simply built to acquire feedbacks from customers inside the website or upon exiting. You want to know what your customers think of your website, and most importantly you want to discover the problem with your website why most of your customers exits without action.

With the help of this plugin, you can better improve the performance of your site with regards to customer’s preference.

Moreover, ACME Feedback can help you increase your visibility by adding important videos and other posts on your exits. This will increase the time in order to raise your SEO. Your videos and links can be your answer on attracting and getting known over the web.

The plugin uses 1 to 5 surveys depending on what you need to be answered by your visitors. The answers will subsequently email to you. Remember that customers’ feedbacks are very important to improve your website in accordance to their preference and in order for you to determine what’s wrong with your site.

Recapitulation Of Acme Feedback Review

This plugin has been used my multiple WordPress users since they are allowed to view various problems with regards to their site and improve SEO at the same time. So what are the major benefits of this?

ACME Feedback lets you create up to 5 surveys at a time. It’s in a text form yet you can create various formats which include multiple choice or text answers depending on what you prefer. This plugin also can improve SEO by posting different tactics that can let your visitors stay longer on your site.

You can choose to have videos, promotions, and even discounts. With this, you will be able to decrease your bounce rate.

In addition, you can also add questions that are basing on what people think about the website through a text widget with an affiliate banner. You can also place promotions and sales to increase your revenue.

It can also be a way of determining why a lot are leaving your site without any action.

Moreover, you can create a popup where you can place important videos such as extending your appreciation to the visitors and of buying from you.

Furthermore, you can add links to your popup or survey and lead your visitors to anything you want such as free downloads. You are also guaranteed to fully customize the popup for a more appealing look.

You can also create various tabs to encourage your customers to click on them. availing this plugin will give you free bonuses which include ACME WordPress Theme, Related RSS Plugin, Related Ads Plugin, and PluginBot, all this for only $47.

Overall the plugin will inform you on how to improve the website by being aware of what people think of it, and you will be able to increase your SEO as well.

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