Third Party 7 Day Cash Money Review

7 Day Cash Money Overview

7 Day Cash Money is a Trial Program that educates and trains Website owners in online money-making through ClickBank and Google Adsense Program. It is a tool that provides the users with 300+ websites and domains each complete with necessary programs and Google Tracker Code that is linked to the Google Adsense program for the users to earn money at every click.

Google has been known to provide a Free-to-Join Google Adsense Program that lets the Google user earn money in their website through every click made on the advertisers linked on the website. Payments are earned and are paid to the users monthly.

7-Day Cash Money utilizes this advantage and even extends the process to incorporate the power of multiple websites for maximum clicks and coverage.

ClickBank is also included in the Trial Program which also works like Google Adsense that only differs with the banner and ad posted on the website. It works when one of the visitors to your site clicks on the banner which in turn allows them to purchase e-books and other informational programs that are directly linked to your referral code.

7-Day Cash Money makes use of this entire powerful money earning tool. Jean, the creator of the program charges $2.95 for 7 days period and is money back guaranteed. The program works this way – the 7 day period is used to create the 300+ websites with your referral code. Once ads are clicked, Google charges the advertisers and pays you for that.

7 Day Cash Money Support

7 Day Cash Money lends out support through its dedicated email at where emails are entertained for FAQs and other website concerns. The program offered is billed at $2.95 for the first 7 days, hence the name, and is subsequently billed at $49.50 for the next two succeeding 14 days amounting to $101.95 for 35 days.

This is fully backed up by the Money Back Guarantee which fully gives back the money paid anytime the subscriber wishes to stop within the 60-day Money Back Period. In addition, the program offers instructions and information on how to use it properly.

7 Day Cash Money Pros

Creating website these days is costly and tiresome. For beginners, this might take months and that is without a guarantee. That is a waste of time and effort without guaranteeing a marginal success rate after setting it up.

The 7 Day Cash Money program lets subscribers feel the power of clicks on ads by creating a domain and 300+ websites that are sure to link the ads clicked to your own referral code. This potential earns you money and the 300+ website insures you a wide coverage online.

Using Google Adsense and ClickBank in generating income through clicks, you are sure to get a safe and reliable route to earning money online.

Furthermore, 7 Day Cash Money offers the program for a cheap price of $2.95 for 7 days after which you can start earning money successfully. Even if you have your own Google Account, the program still works after you provide a Google Tracking code for the websites created.

The created websites incorporates top earning merchants for ClickBank and guaranteed traffic to your site for stable income generation - all these for cheap price, money back guaranteed and you not losing anything at all after successfully setting it up.

7 Day Cash Money Cons

Income generation does not at all have to be relied on online programs such as Google Adsense and ClickBank. There are many ways to earn online and pay per clicks is just some of them so your options do not stop there. The thing that makes 7-Day Cash Money not an option for everybody is that it limits the subscribers to income per clicks on ads generated on websites online.

If you are opting to go all out on how you manage your website, you might be disappointed to know that you have hard time modifying and changing the way advertisements are posted to your website. You may never even know what ads would show up. That would leave you to rely too much on the programmer of the websites to have a hand on it extend your subscription.

Opting for this option also means that you are to abide by the rules set by Google Adsense and ClickBanks. To make your website clickable by people, that would mean it is popular or appealing for the people to check out. If you are expecting to earn within 7 days, you would realize that you need to wait a few months.

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